Everything Changes

Justin and Crystal have always been there for each other, bestfriends for life. They had a bond like no one other but when they start working and living together their feeling grow more and more for each other and before you know it, they feel like more than friends.
( I'll try not too make it a corny love story but hope you enjoy xoxo Hope)


2. Plane ride.

Justin's POV

Shit. I was late AGAIN. I am always late for everything it's not because I don't care but because I am just so forgetful. I didn't want to look like a total bum going to pick up crystal, I mean she always looks gorgeous so I threw on some skinny jeans, my supra's and snap back and I was out the door. On my way too Crystals house I was jamming in the car to 'Carly Rae Jepson - Call me maybe' And even though I'm a guy, I knew every single word. I sang so loudly that even crystals neighbors could hear me, I winked but her grumpy old neighbor was not amused, I giggled at her aggravation. I pulled up into Crystals driveway, and boy was I right because she looked stunning, her hair was long, brown and wavy, and she was tall and curvy, I tried to get her into modeling so many times but she always would say she wasn't good enough, which made me so angry because she is amazing. She entered my car and must have noticed me staring because she said "What are you looking at fag" I laughed we always joked around like that "Oh nothing, slut." It was great because neither of us ever got offended. I loved that about her, how she could always just take a joke and make me laugh at my worst times, it's why we're best friends. "So, you ready?" I said with chills shooting down my spine. "..Yep.." Crystal replied with her sexy voice of hers. I couldn't help but being attracted to herWe arrived at the airport I could tell she was really nervous because she had this deathly fear of planes so I suggested we get McDonalds to ease her nerves since we had about 40 minutes til the plane leaves. "So hows your mom doing?" I said as we placed our trays down onto the table. "Oh god..don't even get me started.." she said. Her mom was an emotional wreck so I knew it had to have been bad. "bad huh?" I said taking a huge bite in my burger. "We hugged forever and she was endlessly crying, so was I but I mean she really was having a melt down." she said. I could notice her getting a little sad just thinking about leaving her so I quickly changed the subject. "You excited to get to Santa Monica?" I said. "Hell fucking yes, it's so cold & boring here in New Jersey" She replied. I just chuckled, we continued to talk and usually time flies when I'm with her but we had 2 minutes to catch our flight. We were laughing and simultaneously running because I had tripped and fallen but as soon as we got to the plane, Crystal was a little freaked.. "JUSTIN I CAN'T DO THIS HOLY FUCKING SHIT I'M GONNA DIE WHAT IF WE DIE, I DON'T WANNA DIE!" she shouted so everyone on the plane could hear. "Crystal calm down please! we'll be alright I PROMISE!" I whispered trying to get the stares to die down. Crystal calmed down but not much she literally grabbed my waist and sat on my lap because that's how scared she was, she looked like a little girl sitting on santas lap at the mall. "So what do you want for christmas this year little girl" I made a small joke and she turned red and laughed realizing how she looked sitting on my lap. "Shut up" she said punching my arm and hopping off my lap. I liked her on my lap..is that weird to say? I don't really know man I'm weird ok.


                        Crystals POV

I was so nervous, I was DEATHLY afraid of planes, we were about to go to lift of and I clutched Justins arm tightly, damn they were so muscular how does he do it, ok so I sorta kinda maybe have a teeny crush on him but I couldn't help it, even though I knew that we were just friends and there was no way he could even find me attractive. "Justin I can't do th-" He cut me off and said "Crystal i'm right here, we won't die and if we do you'll die with me so it's all good" He said as his ego filled the room. I just nervously laughed and continued to almost cut off his circulation by grabbing so hard. "Alright everyone buckle their seatbelts we're about to take off for Santa Monica, California! Enjoy the flight" Said the lady from the loud speaker. 'enjoy the flight?' How am I suppose to enjoy the fucking flight if im pissing my self the whole god damn time! In a blink of an eye we took off and I screamed like a child in Toys R Us who wasn't getting the toy they wanted. I could hear justin laughing and I was going to slap him but instead I just laughed and blushed a little bit. There is something about him that makes me feel so good and he always got my back and after at least two hours of shaking I dozed off, thinking of Justin.


              Justin's POV

Finally after hours of shaking and crying Crystal finally shutup, Oh how I love that girl, I bet she'd never be into me though, I don't wanna fuck things up and tell her and then get friend zoned and then ruin our friendship. I stared at her face as she slept angelically. Wow she was truly beautiful. A couple of hours went by and I saw Crystal get up "Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy doucheeee we here yet?" she said groggily. "Almost about 3 minutes the pilot said" I replied smiling. She nodded. "Hey Crystal, did you know you are really beautiful when you sleep?" Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Did I just say that out loud? wait? did her cheeks just blush, they were flushing with red. She was just about to say something back but the flight attendant interrupted "We have now arrived in California."


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