Everything Changes

Justin and Crystal have always been there for each other, bestfriends for life. They had a bond like no one other but when they start working and living together their feeling grow more and more for each other and before you know it, they feel like more than friends.
( I'll try not too make it a corny love story but hope you enjoy xoxo Hope)


7. New Jobs.

Crystals POV:

I squeezed Justin's hand while saying "ready?" He nodded and we slid out of the car. We walked through the front door of the huge building, All I could see was frantic mid aged adults running around the place. My thoughts were interrupted by a sudden shreak "Hello! You must be the new assistant manager and ...who are you?" Said a fiesty young lady who looked about a year or two older than me and Justin. "Um, I'm Crystal.. I was told by the owner that me and Justin would BOTH be assistant managers?" I said in a confused tone. Justin shook his head in agreement. "Well, I guess we can find somewhere to put you.. Justin, you and your friend stay put for a moment while I call the boss." She said winking at Justin and giving me a dirty look. "Oh please, take your time." I said in a condescending voice making Justin chuckle a bit. The second she walked away I started talking to Justin about this. "She totally hates me and has a thing for you and we were both told we were working as assistant manager what the hell is this?" I said. " just keep calm we've been here for like three minutes I'm sure it was just a mix up, and what makes you think she has a thing for me?" He said smirking at the fact I was a bit jealous. "Well besides the fact that she keeps winking at you, she probably see's me as a threat hence her treating me like shit." I said whispering because I was kind of hoping she hadn't been listening. Justin didn't respond but he kept smiling for some odd reason.

Justin's POV:

I kept smiling at Crys because she was actually jealous of this cranky boss lady. She came back into the lobby, winking at me again, I could tell she was expecting a wink back but I just acted like I didn't see it and said "So it was just a mix up with the whole crystal, assistant manager thing, right?" She rolled her eyes and said "Yeah, whatever but no funny business between you two, I want to see no kissing, hugging, touching, smelling.." She went on and on until I heard Crys say "Is breathing against the rules too?" I full on laughed this time and instead of going on about how me in crystal basically weren't aloud to even go near each other she just handed us a large stack of papers and told us to sort them and put them in the right file cabinets, then raised one eyebrow almost as a symbol to re-enforce the 'no touching' rule, why does she care so much anyway? It's none of her concern. "What does filing papers have anything to do with being assistant manager of a recording studio." Crys said. I just shrugged my shoulders. "That's Stacy Wibren;" Said a 40 year old man wearing a suit that he was sweating through aggressively and the top of his head was so bald I could almost see my reflection in it. "She thinks because she got boosted up to manager last month she's the boss of everyone and everything, I'm Dennis, I've been receptionist here for about 13 years, you guys must be lucky to be assistant manager on the first day, Stacy must have a thing for you Justin, she's usually not like that." He said scratching the back of his neck. "Nice to meet you Dennis, but we should really get started on this work." Crystal said nervously with frustration in her eyes. Aw how cute she was jealous of Stacy, she was always jealous of everyone, never knew why, to me she was much prettier than every other girl. We walked into our office and as Crys walked in front of me I sped up my pace and slapped her ass as I giggled she jumped back and laughed. "Justin! remember no touching?" Crys said. "Ah, she's full of shit." I replied. "Let's just get this done before hot shot comes back and see's us 'near' each other." She said back. I just gave her a 'yeah whatever' face and for the next 3 hours we sat there filing stupid papers, it wasn't all that bad me and Crystal talked while doing it, she always knew how to make everything boring, fun, then finally Stacy came in. "Alright you may leave now, see you tomorrow" She said to me with a smile. "Cool, let's go Crys" I said. "Oh no, she is staying here." Stacey replied while pointing her finger at Crys. "What?! Why? I got all my work done!" Crystal shouted in shock. "Yeah but I have a whole other stack for you." she smirked while giving the news to Crystal. "Well then it's no big deal I'll stay here and help with the stack." I suggested. "Nope, you need to go home, you've had a hard day and you will be deducted pay if you stay here and help Lisa." She said making me uncomfortable by patting my back. She strutted out of the room trying to draw attention to her body but ended up looking like she shoved a stick up her butt. "Well this is just fantastic!;" Crystal said staring at the stack of papers. "It's like 9:00, we've been working all day and I'm exhausted and who the hell is Lisa? She damn well knows my name is Crystal, she is out to get me Justin, I can tell." She said. I felt so bad for her because I knew it was true, I've never had a boss who wouldn't allow you to work late. "Look, I know she's hard on you but we need these jobs, I really wish I could stay here and help but I guess there's nothing I can do, I'll be back in two hours to pick you up." I said. "Ughhhh, you're really leaving me?" Crys said with a cute little pout on her face. "Oh yes she is." Stacey said locking up all the offices and escorting me out of the building. I mouthed 'I'm sorry' to Crys before being pushed out the door by Mrs. Stacey BitchBen.



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