Everything Changes

Justin and Crystal have always been there for each other, bestfriends for life. They had a bond like no one other but when they start working and living together their feeling grow more and more for each other and before you know it, they feel like more than friends.
( I'll try not too make it a corny love story but hope you enjoy xoxo Hope)


1. Leaving home.

Crystals POV:

It was 4:32 when I heard my alarm go off, I had a flight to catch at 7:45 which was more than enough time to get ready but I'm always on time, it's just an OCD thing I guess. I checked my twitter and instagram before getting out of bed and looking in the mirror. sheeeeeesh.  I look like a rats ass in the morning. I walked to my bathroom took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and my long dark brown hair and even painted my nails because I had a little extra time. Then it hit me, today was the big day. The day I finally grow up, I'm moving in with my bestfriend Justin all the way to California and we even ended up getting a job together, everything for me was finally falling into place. Suddenly I heard a knock on my door "Comingggg!" I shouted. It was my mom, you could tell she had been crying considering her red puffy eyes, she tried to get words out but she couldn't. "Aw mom, please don't cry, everything will be alright I'll skype you every day and tell you everything" I said in a calming voice. You know I should be the one crying right now but my moms really emotional and ever since dad left she has been lonely and with me gone..oh no, I feel so guilty leaving her. "I know honey;" she said "But I'm just gonna miss you so much but I'm really happy for you and Justin." She sobbed. Instead of me Replying back we just hugged for what seemed forever, but was probably only about ten minutes. "Ok well Justin will be here any minute picking me up, I love you so much mom, don't you ever forget that" I mumbled. She held back the tears nodded and mouthed "I love you too crys" I walked out the front door waiting in my driveway, my mascara was a little smeared because of all the crying. I was wearing mint green shorts, a plain white v-neck and my favorite pair of tribal print vans, pretty casual. Then I see a black range rover pulled up and I knew exactly who it was. 

(A/N) Sorry I hate these authors notes but im writing the second chapter right now but I just wanted to say Hiii, im hope and im very lonely so chapters will be up like 1 or 2 times a day so yeahhh, alright bye ily.


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