Everything Changes

Justin and Crystal have always been there for each other, bestfriends for life. They had a bond like no one other but when they start working and living together their feeling grow more and more for each other and before you know it, they feel like more than friends.
( I'll try not too make it a corny love story but hope you enjoy xoxo Hope)


3. Home Sweet Home

Quick note! : I have half days all this week for school which means LOTS of chapters alright enjoy.

Crystals POV:

Thank god for that pilots announcement because I didn't even have a word to say..Did Justin really think I was..beautiful? All my life kids called me 'ugly, fat, freakishly tall' but all those bad memories and self conscious images fade right away when I'm with him. We both walked off the plane just staring into each others eyes, his eyes were caramel brown they melted into my silky green eyes and it was such an awkward yet perfect situation, he finally broke out of our little staring session by saying "We're in CALIFORNIA! I can't believe this!" He shouted. "AH I KNOW..COME ON JUSTIN LETS GET TO OUR APARTMENT I CAN'T WAIT!" I was so ecstatic. We called up a taxi because neither of our cars where shipped out here yet. Justin has always been a little bit on the wealthy side so he tends to spoil me a lot more than I'd like. It's really sweet but I don't like when he wastes his money on me. but this time he went so far "Justin..tell..me..you..did..not..rent..us..a..penthouse.." I said in utter shock. "Only the best for you crys." He said as he smiled. "Look Justin I love you, you know I do, but this? way to expensive! I would have been fine with a little old crap shack!" I exclaimed. "Look I know how humble you are but I mean you have always been there for me and you're my bestfriend and you just deserve best, and Crystal Grace Lancard, you WILL live with me in this penthouse because I know you like it." He said in such confidence and pride. "Oh okay! just no more big EXPENSIVE surprises please!" I replied. "Deal kid." He agreed. We took a look around the penthouse, wow was it beautiful, you could even see the Santa Monica peer from here I had been here once when I was a child with my mom and brother, it brought back nice memories. I heard Justin from the other room. "Uh crystal" uh oh he said my full name to me, either this was bad or he's not in a right state of mind. "Yeah?" I said curiously. "well I just got a call from the movers and they said that your bed wasn't going to be here for about another week." He said. "What?! where am I going to sleep the couch isn't even here yet!" I shrieked. "I mean this is only a suggestion but my beds here already, if you want..;" you could hear his voice tensing up "Sleep with me in my bed.." he said, and of course I fucking blushed, why do I always do that?


Justin's POV:

Could I be stupider? Fucking damn it why did I ask her if she wanted to sleep in the same bed as me? as if this day hasn't been awkward enough for the both of us. "Sure, but only if I'm not disturbing you" she replied. Oh thank you god she replied I am not a complete fucking dimwit, wait did she just say she didn't want to disturb ME? if anything it would be pleasure for me, why is she even the slightest bit insecure I mean she has to know she's gorgeous right? "It would be my pleasure madam" I said back with a little wink as I sashayed out of the king bedroom making Crys giggle, oh that magical laugh made me melt.


Crystal's POV:

It was around 9 and me and Justin decided to order domino's and when I'm around him I always pig out but it's okay because with him I feel comfortable, we played Grand theft auto together and I always laugh because playing that game with him is so fun! he always cracks jokes about the strippers in the game and has me on the floor struggling for air. "Oh please, a box of poptarts costs more than that cheap hoe." I started choking on my pizza because he always knew how to make me laugh. "Alright don't choke now" He said. "Too late." I said. Some of his jokes weren't even that funny but the way he gets so frustrated at the hookers in this game is just great. Now it was 12:34..what? how did we even play GTA for that long? "I'm getting tired" I heard Justin say taking a bite out of the last piece of pizza. "Same, we ate so much." I agreed. "Alright lets go to bed, We have a lot to do tomorrow." We didn't start our jobs until about 4 days but we still had to set up our house and go grocery shopping and normal stuff. Me and Justin both landed amazing jobs at Island Def Jam which is a recording studio in L.A. so we were really excited because we both had a passion for music that brought us so close together. I walked into the bathroom connected to Justins room and brushed my teeth considering his bathroom was the only one with running water at the moment, Oh yeah we have to fix that tomorrow too, greaaaaat. I hopped into Justins bed and it felt so comfy. I saw Justin come out of the bathroom shirtless in only boxers..man..oh man..I felt so tense. I have seen him shirtless so many times..why did this time feel so different? Wow and here I am sitting here in my 2009 twilight shirt and shorts that say juicy across the butt and Justin just has to come up in here looking perfect. What is happening? What are these feelings am I falling for my bestfriend? No I can't, this could RUIN our friendship, snap out of it Crystal, snap out of it.


Justin's POV:

Crys is wearing a freaking twilight shirt and old booty shorts and she still looks hot. I have honestly never felt this way about any other girl, sure I have dated others but none have made me feel like Crys. I laid there in bed with the most flawless girl I have ever met, but..you know what REALLY sucks? is that we're just friends and I wish we were so more. I was fantasizing about how great it would be if me and her were together and I accidentally whispered "I wish." because I was so caught up in my emotions. Crystal must have heard me because she turned facing me and looked confused "Huh haha?" she said facing me, I was going to reply but I got lost in her mesmerizing mossy green eyes. "Oh nothing.." I replied still gazing. We didn't move she just smiled and said "You're such a freak." I laughed, then for some reason we just talked and talked and talked about EVERYTHING Have you ever had those nights with someone close where you just stayed up laying in the dark laughing and talk about everything. Well that was this night and it was so great, I was about to doze off because it was 3:30 and Crys fell asleep like an hour ago so I wrapped her in my arms and cuddled with her, is it considered cuddling when the other person is asleep? whatever, all I knew is I could lay like this forever.

























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