Everything Changes

Justin and Crystal have always been there for each other, bestfriends for life. They had a bond like no one other but when they start working and living together their feeling grow more and more for each other and before you know it, they feel like more than friends.
( I'll try not too make it a corny love story but hope you enjoy xoxo Hope)


5. Flashback.

Justin's POV:

I ran all the way from the wax museum to home, I'm such a baby why did I run? but what had just happened?..What did I just say? Did I just? Ah man Justin you're so screwed, I bet she doesn't even feel the same fucking way! you prick! why would you even say that! What if she doesn't feel the same way?! I have never felt like this before..all my emotions where flooding my entire body and I felt a warm droplet of water fall from my face, you may be thinking I'm being mellow dramatic about this whole situation but Crys has always been there for me and she is the most important person in my life, lets go waaaay  back to when me and Crystal first met. It was the second day of 7th grade and I was a new transfer student from Canada, at the time I wasn't the most attractive kid and I had a buzz cut that didn't suit me very well but I was stuck with it for a while getting off topic anyways, basically these three boys came up to me and started threatening me and harassing me and I was crouched in the corner just about get kicked in the face by one out of the three big guys and I closed my eyes hoping to get over with it fast. but then I heard screaming and looked up "UGHSKFSF OW FUCCCCCCCCK" as the big 13 year old tumbled over and his "crew" running down the hallway long gone now. "A kick to balls always works." Said the one and only beautiful Crystal with a cocky smirk on her face, I laughed. "You totally just saved my ass back there thanks, I'm Justin." I said in a grateful tone whilst brushing the dirt off my pants and getting up. "I'm Crystal, and no problem those guys are jerks always looking for a way to pick on some innocent kid." She said helping me up. "Yep, not one of my greatest ways to start off a new school year;" I said walking next to her at a slow pace. "by the way, why are you helping me, not that I don't appreciate it but, I'm sure you have better things to do at the moment." I finished my sentence. "Well, I kind of hate every single kid in this hell hole we call school, so why not, right? but in return for saving you, you're going to be my friend, got it?" She said boldly. I liked this girl, sure we just met 5 minutes ago but she was so different. I nodded and we even shook on it. then the first bell rang and we both jogged off too class. And ever since then we have been bestfriends, we hung out practically every day and stayed loyal. So yeah, that's why me and Crys are so close and I just couldn't afford to lose her. Whenever I reminisced back to that day I always smile but I was still crying and my eyes looked like shrimp puffs so I walked over to the bathroom to wash my face but to only see..Crystal? How? She must've taken the car back home and snuck into my bathroom. Fuccccccckk me, she must have been listening to me crying and talking to my self this whole time. We both just stared at each other so awkwardly until I broke the silence, "Crystal you don't have to like me back I just had to tell yo-"  she cut me off by smashing her beautiful, soft lips onto mine and after about 4 minutes she released out of the kiss to catch breath and said "Feelings Mutual." slapped my face lightly and without a word after that Crystal sashayed out of my bedroom.


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