Summer & sun tans

It's summer and Miami and everyone is at the beach having fun especially Austin,Ally,Dez,Adam,and Trish but when they all get badly sun burnt will they ever go back to the beach sequel to tours and torture


4. Winners & wackadoodles

Austin: oh Ally I'm so sorry 

Ally: it's okay Austin you can beat him 

Austin: thanks Ally 

(Austin sits down) 

Trent: you ready to be beat Austin 

Austin: no are you 

(2 hours pass) 

Austin: check mate 

Trent: fine you win Austin but I will get one of Ally's songs and maybe Ally too ( winks at her walks off)

Austin: you stay away from her!

Ally: don't worry he's just a wackadoodle

(Adam, Trish, and Dez walk up) 

Trish: guys our sun burns are gone 

Ally: Awesome! 

(They all high five) 

Everybody: ow! 

Adam: maybe not the ones on our hands


that was my fanfic the next one is Romance & Roadblocks it's gonna be a romance obviously I don't own Austin & Ally or Trent but I do own Adam Dawson 

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