Summer & sun tans

It's summer and Miami and everyone is at the beach having fun especially Austin,Ally,Dez,Adam,and Trish but when they all get badly sun burnt will they ever go back to the beach sequel to tours and torture


2. Crushes & Crashes

Adam: Ally! 

Ally: what? 

Adam: Trish just kissed me

Ally: ewe

Adam: I know right go talk to her 

Ally: I will  

(goes to the ice cream shop) 

Ally: Trish 

Trish: nothing! 

Ally: why did you kiss Adam 

Trish: because I want a boyfriend 

Ally: Trish Adam isn't going to date you 

Trish: I know but I still want one 

Ally: well now he thinks you have a crush on him 

Trish: uh oh 

(goes to the beach) 

Ally: Dez! Why do Adam and Austin have bumps on their heads 

Dez: because they ran into each other 

Ally: why 

Dez: because they were both running and ran into each other 

Austin: we're fine Ally

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