Summer & sun tans

It's summer and Miami and everyone is at the beach having fun especially Austin,Ally,Dez,Adam,and Trish but when they all get badly sun burnt will they ever go back to the beach sequel to tours and torture


3. Cheese & Checkers

Dez: guys I found a solution to our sun burn

Ally: really? 

Dez: yeah cheese 

Austin: your crazy 

Dez: just try it 

Austin: fine 

(Dez rubs chesse on his arm)

Austin: ow wow 

Trish: me next!

Dez: here (flicks chesse in her face)

Trish: Dezmond Arty Puddles! 


Adam: me next! 

(Ally gives him a look) 

Adam: fine Ally first 

Ally: thanks Adam 

(Ally rubs cheese on herself) 

(Adam does the same) 

Austin: Ally I did something bad 

Ally: what

Austin: I told Trent you would write him a song if he beat me in checkers 


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