Summer & sun tans

It's summer and Miami and everyone is at the beach having fun especially Austin,Ally,Dez,Adam,and Trish but when they all get badly sun burnt will they ever go back to the beach sequel to tours and torture


1. Beaches & big heads

(Austin walks into sonic boom) 

Austin: hey guys ready for the beach 

Ally: yep I brought pickles! 

Adam: yes! 

(They high five) 

Trish: guess who's ready to go to the beach 

Dez: you 

Trish: yep lets go 

(goes to the beach) 

Austin: c'mon Ally get out from under that umbrella 

Ally: no Austin

Austin: please Ally come swim with me 

Ally: fine one swim

Austin: yay! (He picks her up and runs into the water) 

Trish: aww they're so cute 

Adam: ewe 

Trish: you would feel the same way if you had a girl 

Adam: maybe but not today

Trish: (kisses him) 

Adam: what was that 

(Trish runs off) 

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