Pregnant In Heels (sequel to Simon's Daughter)

Cecelia just found out she was pregnant with Niall's kid. She lives a glamorous life and walks in around in heels. Is she ready to take care of a kid? What will her dad think? Will Niall stay with Cecelia? Or will her leave her and move on? Read to find out!


9. chapter 9

Cecelia's P.O.V

     I woke up to see all the stuff for the babies room was here. I headed up stairs to wake the boy up.

        "Yo! Prince charming wake up I need to help to set up the baby's room." I yelled in his ear with my best New Jersey accent. It was pretty good considering I am British. His eyes popped and than shut again. I didn't think it would have to come to this. I called up the boys. "We got a code red on sleeping." They all told me they would be here in five. I sat on the couch waiting for them to get here when I heard a knock and the door. I opened it ,gave them a nod, and they went to do there part. The next minute they were carrying a sleeping Niall down the stair and the next minute throwing him in the pool. It was pretty funny watching him wake up and start gasping for air trying to get up. He than got out picked me up and threw me in the pool. I couldn't swim though and once he threw me in than I was out the next second. I guess he remembered. Well the boys were here I had them help Niall set the babies room up. They all had it down in 3 hours. It was divided up in to three sections. In the middle was Mira's. Her wall space was pink with purple butterflies. Her crib was pink and white. It was a princess crib. 

     On the left was Eli. His wall was green with dinosaurs. His crib was a light brown with dinosaur bedding.

and on the right was Alex. his wall was blue and it had black and white dots all over it. His crib was a dark brown with soccer ball bedding. 


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