Pregnant In Heels (sequel to Simon's Daughter)

Cecelia just found out she was pregnant with Niall's kid. She lives a glamorous life and walks in around in heels. Is she ready to take care of a kid? What will her dad think? Will Niall stay with Cecelia? Or will her leave her and move on? Read to find out!


26. Chapter 26 The Wedding *extra long*

A/N This chapter is going to be super long! Hope you guys enjoy! :)

Cecelia's P.O.V

     I had just entered my changing room shaking really bad. Nerves or as some people call it pre-wedding jitters. I had on a tank top and sweat pants.I had my dress in my hands. I slowly and steadily I took the dress out of the package/plastic type thing. I felt the softness with my fingers. It was perfect, too perfect. How did my life get so perfect? I mean I have the perfect husband to be, three soon to be born children. How could it get any better? I slowly took off my clothes and slid into my dress. I looked at my self in the mirror. It was perfect. The dress looked better on me that it did in the store. I loved my dress so much! I added some makeup and put my hair in a nice neat bun on top of my head. I put on my crown and my veil. I slid into my heels when the door opened. In walked the brides maids and my father.

     "You look beautiful honey"

     "You look absolutely gorgeous!" All the brides maids said at once. I smiled.

     "Thanks" They smiled. Than a guy came in and said the brides maids were needed. The maid of honor and the brides maids walked in one side and the best man and the groomsmen walked in on the other side. Than the flower girl had to come down the aisle and last but not least was me.

     "Are you ready?" My dad asked me. I shook my head.

     "Dad promise me you will always be there for me even when I am married" I said looking him straight in the eyes.

     "I promise" I smiled.

     "I am now ready" I said. I picked up my bouquet of red roses. I thought back to the moment we first met.

~flash back~

     I was hot and sweaty and needed some air. I was sixteen at the time. I came out into the alley and sat up against a wall. I took a deep breath and the door swung open. Out came a boy with blond hair and brown roots. His eyes were a pretty blue. He looked nervous. Maybe he had just come out for air before he went on. The minute he saw me he apologized.

     "I am sorry I didn't know anyone was out here, I will just go." He said turning around. I stopped him.

     "It is okay I was kinda lonely anyway" He smiled. Than after 10 minutes we went inside. I went and sat on my dad's lap. When he began singing with his group I smiled encouraging him to go on. 

~end of flash back~

     After that we became good friends. I fell head over heels for him. Than you know one day we went out. I loved Niall with all my heart and nothing will every stop my heart from loving him.

 I began singing a little tune in my head.

It was you all along

you were a thief 

you stole my heart

but now time has come

for me to wed

I hope to see you once again

yes yes yes 

you again

     I don't know where it came from it just popped into my head. Me and my dad locked one arm. The doors opened. Suddenly something didn't feel right. I put it to the back of my mind. I smiled and looked over at Niall. I slowly started walking down the aisle with my dad almost falling over at points. I am a pregnant girl and pregnant and heels don't match. Pregnant in heels. I laughed. It was a good nickname. When we got to the end of the aisle my dad handed me over to Niall. My smile grew even bigger. Then the priest starting talking. Then it came to the vows.

"Niall I have loved you since the day we have met. I want you to be the one I can give myself to. Your my everything. I would be nothing with out you. I will be by your side forever" He smiled.

"Cece I have loved you since the day we met also. I am glad that your the one for me. There is no one else I would rather be with. I will stand by your side through the toughest of time. I am forever yours" I smiled my eyes about to water. Then the ring bear brought up the rings. He looked so cute! Then it came to the "I do" part. 

"Do you Niall Horan take Cece to be your wife?" 

"I do"

"Do you Cecelia Cowells take Niall to be your husband?"

"I do"

"You may now kiss the bride" Niall leaned in and we had the best kiss we will ever had. We turned around and were going to walk down the aisle when I felt water down my leg. I froze. He looked at me questioningly. The whole wedding party looked at me weird.

"Um Niall?"


"My water broke"

     Niall swooped me up and ran. He ran over to his car and stuffed me in it. Then he drove me to the nearest hospital. We got in there and they took me right in. 

~Labor time~

     It came down to labor. I held Niall's hand as I pushed. A girl popped out crying. I pushed three more times. A boy popped out. Mira and Eli. I pushed once again for a boy to pop out. They doctors all had horrified looks on their faces. They took Alex away from me. "What's wrong?" I asked Niall.

"Cece Alex is dead"

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