Pregnant In Heels (sequel to Simon's Daughter)

Cecelia just found out she was pregnant with Niall's kid. She lives a glamorous life and walks in around in heels. Is she ready to take care of a kid? What will her dad think? Will Niall stay with Cecelia? Or will her leave her and move on? Read to find out!


25. Chapter 25

Cecelia's P.O.V

   "Sereen" We both breathed out at the same time (Plz no hate!). 

   "Jayde is to much like Perrie, and your still holding on you need to let go of her and move on" He nodded his head. Jayde was a good person. She just wasn't right for Zayn. I hope feel bad it probably will crush her. Oh well I can't finalize Zayn's decision. I can help it but I can't make it. I slumped down in my chair. Niall came in and slumped down next to me. I rested my head on his shoulder. He sang softly and sweetly in my ear.


Your hand fits in mine
Like it's made just for me
But bear this in mind
It was meant to be
And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks
And it all makes sense to me 

   I slowly doze off. I loved his voice. His angelic, perfect, delicate, sweet voice. I was music to my ears. I woke up in my bed sweating. I was hot. I can't help the feeling the bad dream brought. 

*The Dream*

     The third of the babies came out. The doctors had worried looks. They grabbed the third child and brought it out of the room and down the hall. What was going on? I screamed. Niall held me down and no one would tell me anything. I cried.

*1 week later*

     Today was the day of the wedding. I have been having that dream all week. 


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