Pregnant In Heels (sequel to Simon's Daughter)

Cecelia just found out she was pregnant with Niall's kid. She lives a glamorous life and walks in around in heels. Is she ready to take care of a kid? What will her dad think? Will Niall stay with Cecelia? Or will her leave her and move on? Read to find out!


18. Chapter 18

Cecelia's P.O.V

    I found it it was the one dress. It was tight at the top and long and flowy at the bottom. The top was covered it jewels. The dress came with a tiara and a veil. It was perfect.

I showed the girls and they smiled. I started to cry. It wasn't tears of sadness they were tears of joy. I was so happy I had found the right dress. I went up to the desk and payed. I put back on my clothes and hopped in the limo with the rest of the girls.

Niall P.O.V

     I had to admit I looked hot in my tux. 

  Me and the boys finished up and jumped in the limo. We headed home. I couldn't wait to marry the love of my life Cece.

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