Pregnant In Heels (sequel to Simon's Daughter)

Cecelia just found out she was pregnant with Niall's kid. She lives a glamorous life and walks in around in heels. Is she ready to take care of a kid? What will her dad think? Will Niall stay with Cecelia? Or will her leave her and move on? Read to find out!


15. Chapter 15

Cecelia's P.O.V

    I woke up in my bed. That's weird. I remember going to sleep on Niall's chest at the beach. Niall must have carried me home. I decided to go into the babies room to put away their clothes I had bought yesterday. I can't wait until they are born. Mira, Eli, Alex. I opened the dresser and put all the clothes away. I headed down stairs. I heard a moving truck. I peeked out the window to see the sign on the house next door. It was sold. I went upstairs and took a quick shower. I hurried and got dressed and ran outside to meet the new neighbor. I went over to see a girl about 18. She smiled at me. I waved and headed over. 

     "Hello I am Cecelia but you can call me Cece"

     "Hey I am Lexi"

     "Welcome to the neighbor hood"

     "Thanks, who is the fiance?" she asked noticing my ring.

     "Niall Horan"

     "Your th the Cecelia Cowell, I am a big fan!" She said fan girling. I laughed.    

     "I have to go now"


     I headed inside to see Niall panicking and running around. I started laughing and he turned and looked at me. He stop all his panicking.

     "I thought someone had kidnapped you!"

     "I am right here and I am not ready to leave you." He smiled. I walked over and he smashed his lips against mine. I kissed back. I love him I really do.

     "Ouch!" I felt something kick me in the stomach.

     "Are you alright?" It took me a minute to process things.

    "They kicked!" He rested his hand on my stomach and They kicked his hand. 

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