The runway life

Amanda is just a normal girl with dreams of becoming a model and dancer.what happens when JB gives her the chance of a life time?or maybe even falls for her?


1. Introduction

 My name is Amanda Cavanaugh I'm 16 years old, I live in LA with my bestfriend Stacy Montgomery.We go to the Los Angeles performing arts high school,it is a boarding school and we are both juniors . Stacy is a singer and I am a dancer,I also want to try out photography when I graduate from high school and start modeling. 

My mom and dad live together with my little brother chris in London.You see my mom and dad own a record company there and they make a lot of money they have worked with big stars like adele and jessie j.Gladly I was offered a full scholarship when I graduated from middle school into the school I am now.My school talked with my parents and stacys since weve been bestfriends since pre-k and we dont live in the school dorms so we can do whatever we want.


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