Mine (A Jb Fanfiction)

When you love a girl and you are too scared to tell her. What are you supposed to do? The words you say mean nothing and you just keep on making the same mistakes. Then one day she's gone without a goodbye...
But she was always mine.....
A JB Fanfiction.


9. Start again,please.


Jesse's Pov

I sniffled as I lay down in the bed in my Aunt's guest room.We were going to move into our new house in a couple of days,these few days we would spend with family or I would spend locked up in this room. The tears I had been holding in began to stream down my face,they seemed infinite. My cheeks were wet and sticky.

Meeting my cousins and everyone again was amazing but I was tired and emotionally drained.

I liked him,he was flawless. I was just scared of how things would end up and now the opportunity is gone. It's never going to be the same.


Never Say Never. 

I punched the pillow beside me. Why does everything remind me of him.

His hazel eyes that would change depending on what emotion he was feeling,his smile,it would light up my world.The way he bit his lip and tried to cover his blushing cheeks with his hands when he was embarrassed,his hair and the way he wasn't bothered about it,him. He made everything okay,he didn't even have to try but life was better with him in it.

I never expected to be without him,to feel that pang in my chest,knowing it would never be the same.

People will try to take away my pain but when you're drowning nothing helps.

Come on,come on he couldn't have left me like this,He's coming back.He'll come back and laugh at me for being in such a fragile state and them make everything okay. He will,he has to.That's his job.

I bit the inside of my mouth,no Jesse that is not his job.

His job is to enjoy life and break hearts on the way.

You're just another one to add to the list.

I know Justin's not like that but he is.

I liked the thought of him.The thought of you.

But he wasn't that,he was an innocent yet fearless heart breaker,who will now haunt me.

I guess I deserve it though,I broke his heart again and again by rejection so he broke mine without even thinking twice.

He broke my heart.I broke his,possibly and now life will go on.


I will get over him if it's the last thing I do.Time to be strong.If he can break my heart I shouldn't care about his. 

I'm so over this.




I hope you liked it.

Comment please?

Areej xx

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