Mine (A Jb Fanfiction)

When you love a girl and you are too scared to tell her. What are you supposed to do? The words you say mean nothing and you just keep on making the same mistakes. Then one day she's gone without a goodbye...
But she was always mine.....
A JB Fanfiction.


10. Recovery


Thanks for all the support and yes I'm trying to update more and bounce back now,hopefully it'll work! I'm kind of in my own recovery at this point so yeahhh :)

Love you loads xx


Jesse's Pov

I laughed till the tears streamed down my face.

Allison and Aiden,my twin cousins had been telling me stories from all their embarrassing times in senior year. I laughed till I cried and I felt my stomach getting sore but it was worth it.


They had noticed something was wrong and came up to check on me,bringing all my favourite comfort foods. They still remembered them all. Thank the lord for cousins. 

We were currently jamming out to songs,acting like complete idiots but I felt better.

I was getting over it and him till a song came on,a Justin Bieber one. It was common denominator.

My stomach contorted into knots and I felt like I was going to throw up but I kept my cool,breathing in heavily.  

Allison noticed and quickly skipped the song,sending me an apologetic look.

"Wait?" Kyle screamed. "Are you sad because you and your boyfriend broke up? I thought you believed in long distance!".

Allison smacked him in the back of the head. "OWW!" he squealed. 

I smiled,I did though. If you actually loved someone then you should be able to withstand everything,even the distance.

I knew I forgot something behind but I'd contact him soon.

But before I even thought about that I launched into the story of my existence..oh and also Justin.c;

And that's how the truth came up,no boyfriends,no breaking up just no sense of belonging and a broken heart.But with your cousins,3 tubs of ice cream,muffins and a box set of Disney and Barbie movies that hole in my heart gradually started to disappear.

I was recovering from an illness I didn't even know I had.

Unhappiness,and now I sort of feel better c:

                                                   * * * * * * * * * * * *

 I dragged the last box into the house. We had moved into our new house. 

It was a 3 story detached home,in a small state which only contained 10 houses.

We were now going to live in house number 2. 

I hummed as I ran up the stairs making my way towards my new bedroom.

It was perfect,I had painted it a light purple colour and it had been littered with pictures. 

I know I shouldn't have pictures of Justin around the house if I was trying to get over him but I guess this was the way I was going to get over it,by telling myself we're still friends but not really.

I laughed as I tripped over my foot clumsily.  Why was I constantly laughing at nothing I wondered.

Oh yeah,because I was happy. I hummed along to the tune in my head before realising it was a Justin song. Ooops I guess. This is not going to ruin my mood I told myself again and again.

I sighed as I got another tweet from a belieber asking where I'd been and why I wasn't at the show in Toronto. I'd have to tell them soon so why not now.

I quickly typed in at tweet.  "A lof of you guys have been wondering stuff so #AskJesse anyone?"

I suddenly got bombarded with mentions. "SHE DIDN'T USE A SMILEY FACE,SHE ALWAYS DOES!","You've been dead. Follow me?" "Ugh you're such a b**** get away from Jay!" " YOU AND JUSTIN ARE MY OTP! HAVE BABIES".

I laughed as I looked through all the people trying to get my attention. 

I typed in another tweet. "Okay following people as well. But I can't see any questions yet c;"

I was flooded in with questions at once as I closed my eyes.I prepared for the drama but no I wasn't going to relapse back to whatever was wrong with me,no.

I smiled as I saw all the people defending me against the hate and decided to follow some of them.

I saw as they freaked out,cried and thanked me for following them.

I don't get why people like me. I'm just normal. Okay I might be best friends with Justin Bieber and have been interviewed,done some magazine shoots and been in his videos. People might ship me and him like crazy but i'm just like them

I like it though,I am just like them.

I get happy at stupid things,I fangirl over Justin,I cry when he forgets i'm alive,I get depressed,i'm insecure about my body,I get scared,i'm ignored by my idols,I get my heart broken,I don't have many friends,I panic,I wake up wishing I wasn't here,I want to escape,I have feelings,I'm trying to fit in,in a world full of judgemental people,I'm just another teenage girl.

Yes,I am a girl like you.





It's just a bit about Jesse and stuff.I felt like I needed to put that in there.You guys do realise Justin and the people he hangs out with are humans too,they're just like us.(even if they look like gods and rule and/or slay the world) Just wanted to remind you. 

I love all you guys so much. You're all beautiful.

It'll get better tomorrow,you'll never know until you let tomorrow come



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Help us if you already aren't please!





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