Mine (A Jb Fanfiction)

When you love a girl and you are too scared to tell her. What are you supposed to do? The words you say mean nothing and you just keep on making the same mistakes. Then one day she's gone without a goodbye...
But she was always mine.....
A JB Fanfiction.


8. No more denying it.


The days passed,weeks,months.

Till that sacred day came.

The day Jesse was telling Justin,the day the truth came out.

Cody worried,what had happened to his Jesse. Why did she care so much about Justin? Why?

That day came,Jesse sat,waited,hours passed. Justin didn't show.

That night when she reached home at 3am she saw what had been happening.

He had another girl. Another one he was going to string along for the rest of the tour,the one he'd make his OLLG,take to every concert,travel with her.

It broke Jesse's fragile heart.

What broke her heart the most is that he'd break that poor defenceless girls heart at the end of tour. 

Claiming he no longer liked her,when he never liked her in the first place,converting a hardcore belieber into a harsh hater. 

And worst of all he had promised,he had promised to never do it again.

But he did.

It was time for Jesse to go.

No more denying it.

Goodbye Stratford,hello London. 




I'm literally sobbing. Over this and over 50 faves? 

GUYS GROUP CUDDLE! (Because hugs are too mainstream c; )

Love you all to bits! Thank you for commenting! Too sweet! c:

What do you think  the future holds for Jesse. Oh and poor baby Cody.

Predictions,leave them down there! Ideas down there. Criticism down there! 

Areej xx

Ps. Everybody please go check out Falling another one of my many fanfics! 

Love you <3


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