Mine (A Jb Fanfiction)

When you love a girl and you are too scared to tell her. What are you supposed to do? The words you say mean nothing and you just keep on making the same mistakes. Then one day she's gone without a goodbye...
But she was always mine.....
A JB Fanfiction.


4. Mad Justin...Not good

Aight no one commented so I was like am I forever alone? 

No. *strokes poster of Justin's face* 

Lol. Wellll here you areee.... ;)


Justin's Pov

I watched as Jessie made her way out of the park. Wait what? She said she had curfew. I hid behind a tree. I watched another figure walk out of the park. Wait? Who was that and why were they in the park. They couldn't have been with Jessie could they?

I watched as that person walked down the path towards me. I quickly jumped out from behind the tree and began walking home. Maybe I could initiate conversation with this dude and ask him about Jessie and if she knew him and stuff.

He looked alarmed to see me but he just smiled.

"Uhm hey" I said awkwardly. 

"Hi" he said amused. 

"Uhm I've never seen you around here before," I said.

"Yeah well,I just moved in a couple weeks ago," he answered.

"Oh aight,so where did you move in?" I asked.

"31 hazel grove" he answered. 

I choked. He looked at me alarmed. "Dude you okay?" he asked.

"Uh huh" I whispered. "Dude seriously?" he asked.

"Jessie lives in number 33," I said.

"Ooooh does she?" he asked.

"How do you know Jessie?" I blurted out without thinking.

"Well I just met her today," he answered nonchalantly.

"How,where and why?" I said annoyed. "And why were you in the park with her?" I asked getting protective. No more Mr.Nice guy. 

The guy looked alarmed like really alarmed. 

"Woah there dude,calm down," he said. 

"Answer me," I growled. 

"Well she was walking,and accidentally  she kicked a stone and it hit me so I don't know I asked her if something was wrong and then she told me," he said backing up. 

"That doesn't sound like my Jessie" I said sharply. 

"Your Jessie?" he asked. He stayed quiet for a moment. 

"Yes" I said dismissively. "Answer my other questions". 

"Well then we walked together for a while,then we went to the park to talk,and uhm why because I guess it just happened", he said his voice edging off at the end. 

"Still one question" I said tiredly. I was so over this.

"Well because she was talking to me about her problems and why she was annoyed." he answered. "Most of them were because of you" he said taking a step forward.

"Don't be stupid" I answered. "Jessie doesn't tell people her problems and none of them are because of me".

"Think Bieber," he said taking another step forward. "Who does she get hate for being friends with,you. Who doesn't ever spend time with her,you. Who leaves every six months and doesn't come back for years,you". he glared at me. "Not me Bieber,not me".

"You don't know anything about her.You're just a fake", I yelled.

"Really now Bieber?" he asked threateningly. "What's the last movie she watched". 

"I-I" I wracked my brain for the answer. I got to know this.  "I don't know" I whispered. 

"See bieber you're nothing but a fake".

"And you know?" I asked sarcastically. 

"Never say never,a week ago. She was supposed to meet up with you but you blew her off. Then she saw pictures of you on twitter at some night club," he said annoyed. 

"I-I-" I started. 

"Yeah save it bieber,It doesn't make a difference" he snarled. He turned around.

"You don't need to know that to be a true friend!!!" I yelled.

"Yes" he said turning around. "But a best friend should.Besides you blew her off" 

He then turned into the entering for Hazel Grove.

This is so not over.



Apparently Justins not a true friend now.

If you thought that was dramatic theres much more drama coming up.

Much morrrre.....

So who thinks Cody's right about JuJu? 

And who sides with JuJu and thinks Cody's being a jerkface? 

Leave it in the comments below...

Loveeeeee you guys!  

Areejjjj xxx

Question: Do you know what the last movie your best friend watched was? ;)

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