Nothing Compared to Everything


1. Nothing Compared to Everything

I'm nothing You're everything I'm nothing You're everything To you I know I'm nothing To you who has everything he could want I am nothing I'm nothing Nothing compared to you're friends Nothing compared to your girl Nothing Nothing at all But to me you're everything Everything I could hope for The only friend I could need The only boy I would ever want I crave for your attention But But I still reject you Because you reject me Give me a chance No you won't Because to you I'm nothing Nothing compared to everything I just mean nothing You just mean everything Never look at me Never break me Please I beg of you My heart can only hold up through so many breaks It's on its last crack Once more and it will be in two Once more and I'll be dead Of course that's obviously what you want You want me gone Then your life would be easier No more me No more "stalker girl" No more Right Or do I mean more Could you go on if I left Could you Or would you die with me No You wouldn't Because I mean nothing And you mean everything Nothing compared to everything Life just can't smile down on me Not even once ...
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