Not forever but For Now

She's died and He hasn't moved on. Will they be together maybe not forever but for now


3. Making sweet passionate love to her

As she finally agreed to us making love I couldn't help but feel my tummy do like thousand of back flips even though I've been with her for three nice long years the feeling never goes away. I always have it and I know she does though we've made love what feels a thousands times over it feels as our first the nervousness and butterflies the hint of insecurities being able to explore each other in an intament way. She allowed me and I picked her up safely in my arms she was so fragile I couldn't dare to hurt her I was certain to be so gentle. She put her head into my neck and I held her so tight going up the stairs. We got to her bedroom and I noticed something by the window it looked like a noose? What was a noose doing by her window? Oh well I don't need to be distracted by things this her time.. our time. As I softly put her down i looked into her pale green eyes and found they were empty not too shiny like I'm used to seeing them something was different, and something was definitely up. I am not going to worry this is a special moment. I placed her gently on the bed while I caressed her every piece of her body was touched every time we made loved, and each time more special. I grasped her beautiful curvy body, and I lightly sucked on her hips kissing every inch of her. I made my way to her entrance removed her panties and I spread her legs apart. Man had I been craving this for a month. I slightly blew some of my warm breath on her heated area. It was so tempting to just destroy her, but I kept it clean. So I started to suck and lick all over her circling my tongue over her clit. She was moaning really sexy like I was so hard right now. I decided I was going to put in one finger and tease her a little. So I stuck up my index and slowly slid it in as I heard her slight gasps I knew she was beyond pleasured. I felt her melt down and her walls tighten. I then put two in and went a little faster. I decided that I wanted to get her off more than once so I grabbed her little pink dildo and vibrator I set the tool up, and I intended on using it. I turn the switch from off to on and set it on high. I knew this was going to be the pleasure death of her, I put it in her and the vibrator touched clit she gently but roughly started thrusting so I went with her pace and she was screaming my name. Convulsing and shaking violently I knew she was at her high she let go and came so much more than she ever has it was running all over the bed sheet, it wall all over her thighs, and running down her ass. I literally exploded in my pants as I bent over in relief  as I could still see her cumming at a steady pace it just wouldn't stop, and I was still hard. I took this chance and slid right into her and started thrusting really fast and hard I could hear my ball sack slapping her nice petite ass, and my head shot back as I felt fire through my body it was so overwhelming more than any other time.


"LIAM...OH MY FUCKING GOD LIAM AHH." he went harder and faster. I was confused he's has never made me cum this much or scream let alone at all. He was always so organized and now it was just like fire bombs shooting throughout my body. As I felt at my high for the third time again. I let him know by moaning really loud. I let it all go over his nice formed red cock. I was so paralyzed by the experience because it had never been like this before I was just so stunned.


She screamed and I knew this was it I had to finish it, and destroy her. No more innocence or proper elegant love it was out of control. I heard her and let alone felt her at her high I gave one last thrust and she let her cum go all over me. I fell over satisfied and just paralyzed as I imagined she was I couldn't even speak. I know that it was fantastic. I decided that you know since she tasted so good to me that she should get a taste of her masterpiece. So i rubbed my finger straight up through her slit and stuck my finger in her mouth. She started to suck all of her taste off, and her lips and mouth worked like magic. Next time she's sucking me off. I pulled my finger out and asked "now how did that taste darling?" she replied "mmm so good I taste really good." she licked her lips and I let a sly smile out as I held her close to me, and as close as I could which never seem to feel close enough unless we were intament.


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