Not forever but For Now

She's died and He hasn't moved on. Will they be together maybe not forever but for now


1. Lets start from the beginning

London ,England 1960

I just couldn't go on anymore so I must end my life. I walked over to the drawer got out my ink pen and a single piece of paper


This is my suicide note because I can not bare to go on any longer. I can not move on through my distraught and distress. I am thanking everyone for putting up with me though I know I'm a lot to handle. I thank you my parents for giving me everything. Though I should be happy because I have a lot I am not. I've never been happy like I have always wanted. Also thank you for providing me with the necessities I needed to go on with my life, and have you all aware that tis my birthday today. Thanks for all the birthday wishes have you know this will be the last birthday  will have with everyone. I can not continue thank you for all the patience you've spent with me the nuisance that I am. You will no longer be bothered with my presence Love your darling Sophia. xx

As I finished with my note finally I have written it and rewritten a lot of times. I realize that I am rich and have lots and lots of money I am to inherit when my parents die, but I can't possibly go on. It is to much stress to go on and continue. No one ever listens so maybe now they will because it's funny when your dead how people start listening. I don't care about being rich I just want to be happy, but to my parents It's not about being happy because happiness never gets you anywhere. A women is a women and she has duties she must do. No one ever realizes how I feel about being a proper lady I just don't like it so I must take some action and finish my duties off by taking my life. I took out the noose from under the bed and thought to myself that this was it because this was it I had no second guesses I had to do this. I hung it from my window bar put ti around my neck, and tipped off the chair.

3 hours later. Mom's Experience


"Sophia, Dear it's dinner time." "Sophia?" as I walked into her room and turned the corner there I saw her hanging. I ran over there and took her body down and I screamed "HELP.. PLEASE HELP!" as people were running into her room I think the got the idea she took her life when they all saw the noose. "My baby.. My baby girl." i whispered. That was the end of the existence of my darling Sophia Amelia Odette. She was gone.


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