Not forever but For Now

She's died and He hasn't moved on. Will they be together maybe not forever but for now


2. Coming Home to my Darling Sophia

1 month after the suicide/death of Sophia- everyone is still getting over her but they've learned to move on so she only exists now in their memories every ones except Liams.

Liam's thoughts

I missed my darling Sophia I was heading back to London right now It took two trains and a boat to get back to London. Though it was all worth because oh gosh I missed her so much... I just couldn't wait to be embraced by her and smell her sweet scent and taste her strawberry flavored lips that were plush and pink. I couldn't wait to hold her and just make love to her all night on a normal basis again. I was planning on purposing to her when I got home. I've thought about it for the past few months and it's all I can think about. I even planned on having a little family, or even a big family with her and living somewhere calm and friendly with lots of warm and welcoming people. Though I really hated being away from her on long term and having very long distant job I had to because it was a good check, and I could provide for her but all at the same times it's so payneful. I finally arrived to her mansion she lived in with her parents for now at least. I couldn't wait to see her reaction and her families reaction to the proposal. I was thinking so much about this on the way to the house that I guess the time just flew away. I got out of the Taxi Cab and the Taxi driver popped opened the trunk. He took out all of my luggage and walked them up to the doorstep he sat them down, and I tipped him. This is it I thought to myself I'm going into see my fiance right after ask her though, but I'll know she will say yes. For Sure! I opened the door and was greeted with a cold embrace wait why did my darling Sophia's embrace feel so unusual it wasn't like the other times we embraced each other. Something is wrong. It's normally nice welcoming and warm instead it was like she was cold and empty like death, but she can't be dead. Maybe she's just sick she is looking kind of pale, but I wonder why there is a red ring around her neck and why is her head tilted to the side? I guess just a kink. I'm not sure I'm just happy to be with my baby girl again. We can finally be intimate after a month of being separated. I need her. All of her. Right now. We can finally make sweet love. Sweet Sweet Passionate Love. I've got to check with her first like always, but I hope she says yes she usually does. "Hey love?" I asked halfheartedly. "Yes?" she replied back giving me a little push to continue. "I was wondering.. Ya know since it's a regular thing that we make love  when I get home.. I was wondering if we could do that. I'm just asking cause you look a little ill darling." I decided just to say it all at once.

Sophia's Thoughts:

Oh no I panicked I can't believe he's asking me to make love to him I forgot about that. I'll have to do it he can't find out I killed myself I know that eventually I'll have to let him know, but not right now. I just have to make love to him I miss it anyways, but even though it's my spirit I still feel all of the good feelings so another words pleasure, happiness finally, and love, and yes I'm pretty sure I can still feel when he enters me it is one of the many things I'm sure about. Therefore I shall enjoy just being a hidden spirit for now even though I also know he'll have to find out and move on when I pass over but that's in the future I don't know when, but I hope not soon. "Okay honey lets make love I long for you touch ." I could see he was relieved when I said that.

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