The last balloon

The story is about a guy who's terribly in love with his best girlfriend. He finally tells her about his feelings and she says yes to go on a valentinesdate with him. But will she ever show up or will she leave him there heartbroken?

This is my contribution for the english competition, so please like or comment if my story is worth it :3

Dette er mit bidrag til engelsk konkurrencen, så vær sød at like eller kommenter, hvis min historie er det værd. :3


5. Time

I ran all I could. I wasn’t in the best shape so I could barely breathe. Though, I kept running because I just had to. It was difficult running in my heels so I stopped and took them off. And then I ran again.
We were meeting in the park. It was my favorite place in the whole world – and he knew that. He knew me that well and I felt so guilty for letting him down.

I was almost there. I was so close and that gave me a little extra energy. As I reached the park a single pink balloon flew towards me. I didn’t know why but I grabbed it and entered the park with the balloon floating in the soft evening air.
My hair was tousled and my cheeks were blushing, when I found it. Our place.
And for a moment, I really thought that he would be there.
But as I looked around, everything in me felt awful and sad. I didn’t know what was running down my cheeks until I realized, it was tears.
What a fool I was. I had let the most important person slip away.
I sat down the a bench, - The bench where we had spent so many moments together.
A bouquet of white roses were laying on it and I took them up in my hands.

I couldn’t let go of the thought that maybe he had left them for me. Silly me.
Why would he leave anything for me - The most stupid person in the world.


So - there I was. Crying my eyes out on a bench in an empty park - on Valentine's Day, and the only person I needed right now would probably never talk to me again.




I searched my pockets looking for my phone, but it wasn't there. Oh my God! What else could go wrong this night? All i wanted was just to get home and sleep, so I could forget about this awful night for a couple of hours. But of course I had to go back and search for it.
Luckily I wasn't that far away from the park so I ran back while searching every area for my cell.

That was when I saw it.
Right there was a single pink balloon floating in the air. And under it, on a bench - a girl was sitting.
I recognized her right away and for a minute it felt like my heart stopped beating.
Then I realized that she was crying. I couldn't see her face, because I was standing behind her, but from the sounds that were coming from her, there was no doubt.
A sound left my mouth as if I was going to say something, and she looked around.
Our eyes met.
And I smiled. She came. She was here. Nothing else mattered.


At the same time as she got up, I walked towards her.
Now she also smiled and wiped a couple of tears away. 
"You came", I said and looked into her beautiful eyes. I didn't give her any time to answer. I just leaned forward and kissed her soft  lips.  
"Of course i did", she whispered.
"I love you."
"I love you."

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