The last balloon

The story is about a guy who's terribly in love with his best girlfriend. He finally tells her about his feelings and she says yes to go on a valentinesdate with him. But will she ever show up or will she leave him there heartbroken?

This is my contribution for the english competition, so please like or comment if my story is worth it :3

Dette er mit bidrag til engelsk konkurrencen, så vær sød at like eller kommenter, hvis min historie er det værd. :3


4. Game over - Him

Maybe it was time to leave. I just had to let go of the minimal chance that she actually might show up.
An hour late. I thought that at least she would have called my by now. It made me feel horrible that she hadn’t.
But I understood. I wasn’t good enough for her - of course not. What was I even thinking after all? That I would ever have a chance with her? How stupid was I?
I was still holding those freaking balloons. I had been out shopping for tonight and I thought it would be a nice or sweet gesture - in some kind of girly way. Well maybe it was a good thing that she wasn’t coming because then I wouldn’t make a complete idiot of myself. Of course that was way too late by now. You just had to take one look at me to realize that I was a laugh – alone on Valentine’s Day.
But these freaking balloons!
It was like I hadn’t given up the chance that she would be here. I let go of one more and watched it fly away.

I thought about how I had expected my evening to work out.
I had told her to meet me in the park. We had our own “secret” place where we used to meet and hang out when one of us were down. I would have presented her the balloons along with a bouquet of white roses. They were a symbol of never-ending young love. Of course she didn’t know that – that would be too embarrassing and it would probably seem like I was a little obsessed.
I would never give a girl red roses because I knew they symbolized unfaithfulness. Or maybe I was all wrong in this but now it didn’t even matter! She would never get them anyway.
After that I would have taken her to a local restaurant near the sea. Nothing fancy because I knew that she liked it casual and relaxed. A lot of guys had made that mistake, while trying to impress her.
Next I would have taken her to the amusement park. My uncle worked there and I had made a deal with him. If it got too late he would let us in and then we could try whatever we wanted.
In my ears it sounded pretty romantic. I was also a romantic with big R. She always said that when we talked about finding true love, our soulmates or whatever you would call it.
I always said that it wouldn’t happen to me, but she was positive it would. Now she would know why I always said that. And she would also know that I was right.
Because she was the one, my soulmate, my true love. People always said that it wasn’t true, that maybe it wasn’t meant to happen because the real love of our lives was still out there. But in my case I knew that I had already found her. 
I also knew that I would never get her and that broke my heart.

I was still holding on to two pink balloons. I got up and left the roses on the bench. Maybe some guy would find them and give them to his love. Or they would just lay there and dry out.
Life was a bitch. I had already had an idea of that, but now there was no doubt. Life hated me. 

As a tear left my eye I let go of the last balloons and left.


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