This is 3 to 5 parts long Larry story! It's my first Larry one so it probably sucks... But I still hope you like it :) x
The story tells about an average guy Louis Tomlinson who finds out someone is after him, but don't know who. He has to leave everything behind, but to his surprise he finds a better life in a new and different town. He gets to know Harry, who instantly becomes his best friend. They end up kissing, even if both of them have girlfriends. What happens next?


4. I'm in love with you.

As soon as Louis arrived home he heard his phone ringing. He recognized the number that was calling him, but he was wondering how she had got his new number, since he changed it the day he arrived to Holmes Chapel. Louis pressed the answering button and lifted the phone up to his ear:

“Hello, Eleanor?”

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” Eleanor shouted crying.

“What do you mean?” Louis asked and swallowed hard, what if she had got the photos.

“First of all, why did you leave me like that, where are you and secondly what the fuck are these photos of you and some GUY kissing?” Eleanor sobbed. Louis needed to sit down; he couldn’t stand hearing Eleanor cry. Louis was also right about the pictures; the threat player had seen him and Harry out today.

“Eleanor let me explain…” Louis started but was cut by Eleanor’s shouting:

“NO! I don’t need explanations from you! I thought you loved me but instead you cheat me with a man, don’t you get how embarrassing that is towards me? I hope you live happily ever after with that lad, don’t ever try to reach me again, I won’t answer!”

Eleanor hung up the phone before Louis could explain her, what really was going on. Slowly tears started streaming down Louis’ cheeks. Even though he was in love with Harry, he didn’t want to hurt any of the people he loved.

After getting himself back together, Louis found Harry’s number from his phone and called him.

“Louis?” Harry answered questioning.

“Can you come over? I don’t care if someone sees, the photos are already given to others, I just can’t stand being alone at the moment”, Louis sobbed, wiping his tears off from his face.

“Of course, I’ll be there in a bit”, Harry said knowing that Louis was in need of him. Louis hung up the call and leaned down to lay on the couch. He sighted deep and closed his eyes; how his life had ended up to this point, what had he done so wrong that someone wanted him to suffer like this. 

In a few minutes there was a knock on the door. Louis went to open it and as soon as he saw Harry he gave him a big hug, burying himself to Harry’s chest, still crying a little. Harry wrapped his strong arms around Louis and led him inside, since they both were standing outside of Louis’ door. Harry closed the door with his other hand, other holding Louis. Louis slowly let go of Harry and looked down.

“I’m sorry of that”, Louis said making a quick look to Harry before looking back down.

“Hey don’t cry, I didn’t mind”, Harry said, wiping a tear off from Louis’ cheek. A light smile appeared on Louis lips.

“C’mon let’s sit down and chat”, Harry said smiling and placing his arm on Louis’ shoulder to walk to the couch with him. They sat down next to each other smiling.

“So, what’s up?” Harry asked wanting to make sure Louis was feeling alright.

“Well someone gave out the pictures and Eleanor kind of broke up with me”, Louis said looking down to Harry’s hands, he wanted to hold them so badly.

“I’m sorry mate. It’s all my fault, isn’t it?” Harry asked looking down as well. He felt bad for messing up Louis’ life, even if it wasn’t on purpose.

“No! Don’t blame yourself! It’s me who to blame if someone”, Louis said now looking Harry. Harry placed his hand on Louis’ cheek, gently touching him.

“It’s the threat player who to blame, and I really hope this was the end of the terrible things”, Harry said firmly not moving his hand away from Louis’ cheek. Louis placed his hand to Harry’s, to the one that was on his cheek.

“Harry, can I ask you something?” Louis asked looking deep into Harry’s beautiful green eyes. Harry nodded and bit his lip.

“Can you ummm kiss me?” Louis asked looking Harry’s lips and eyes alternately. Harry chuckled, which made Louis blush.

Harry placed his other hand on Louis’ hand, with the other he played with Louis’ hair. He leaned closer and closer. They both closed their eyes, Louis now playing with Harry’s hair as well.  Their lips gently touched each other; it felt even better than last time. Louis tightened his grip of Harry’s hair and Harry on the other hand squeezed Louis’ hand gently.

Harry broke up the gentle kiss smiling.

“Louis?” Harry asked.

“Yes?” Louis whispered loud enough Harry to hear it.

“I need to tell you something”, Harry started. He took both of Louis’ hands on his and looked down, taking a deep breath before placing his eyes on Louis’ eyes.

“I think I am in love with someone”, Harry continued. Louis held his breath; he was hoping that the one he was in love with was him.

“Don’t freak out, but I think that someone is you”, Harry said with a quiet voice, smirking same time. His lovely dimples showed up and that made Louis want to touch them. Louis kissed Harry’s dimple before whispering in to his ear:

“I’m in love with you too.”

“You are?” Harry asked surprisingly, even though he had a hunch of it. Louis nodded smiling. Somehow only Harry being there made Louis feel much better, and he already had forgot his problems and things that made him sad. Louis looked Harry’s lips smiling. Harry was so happy that he crushed his lips to Louis’, kissing him passionately. They were both feeling happier than ever before.

“You know, I think I’ve never loved anyone this much. Or have fallen in love with anyone this quick”, Harry whispered to Louis’ lips with his low and raspy voice. Louis pressed his lips back to Harry’s and kissed him gently before breaking the kiss.

“Me neither”, Louis whispered back to Harry’s lips. Harry couldn’t help but smile and give a small peck on Louis’ lips.

Louis forgot about Eleanor completely that night, just like Harry forgot Kate. They had loved them, but they weren’t loves of their lives. Being together, they felt like nothing else mattered. That night changed their lives, that night they realised they were in love with each other, and that night they understood that they’re actually attracted to men, especially to each other. They never thought it would be possible to fall in love with another male, but love doesn’t look the sex, does it?

That was a story how completely strangers can fall in love in a short time, even without knowing that they could ever do it. And how bad things can bring some good things to your life and how everything turns out to be better in time. 



That was the end! I really hope you enjoyed it, feedback is appreciated! Love youuuu :) x

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