This is 3 to 5 parts long Larry story! It's my first Larry one so it probably sucks... But I still hope you like it :) x
The story tells about an average guy Louis Tomlinson who finds out someone is after him, but don't know who. He has to leave everything behind, but to his surprise he finds a better life in a new and different town. He gets to know Harry, who instantly becomes his best friend. They end up kissing, even if both of them have girlfriends. What happens next?


2. Guy's night out.

For Louis’ surprise Harry was friends with the porter, so both of them got into the club without paying or waiting in line. Inside the club they found themselves a table to sit around. Harry told Louis to wait on the table and enjoy the view whilst he went to get some shots for them and for possible ladies. Louis looked around the club, but somehow he couldn’t find anyone that caught his attention. For sure there were lots of beautiful ladies, but they just didn’t hit him this time. He thought it was because he was still dating Eleanor and missed her, or at least he think he missed her.

“Found anyone to fancy?” Harry asked grinning while laying down a tray full of different kind of shots. 

“No, not really”, Louis answered taking one of the shot glasses to his hand and giving it to Harry. He took one for himself too and poured it down his throat same time as Harry did.

“That was strong”, Harry said shutting his eyes while the alcohol burnt his throat. Louis nodded, his eyes closed as well.

“Another one?” Harry laughed, handing Louis another shot. They emptied another glasses just like that.

“So have you got anyone on your sight from here yet?” Louis asked grinning.

“No not really, I don’t know why but today I don’t feel like I’m going to find anyone from here”, Harry said little disappointed.

“Same here, but this was supposed to be guy’s night out, right?” Louis said chuckling.

“Oh yes”, Harry said laughing; he couldn’t agree more. They both were feeling so free and careless; they couldn’t give a damn about the problems they had that night.

After a little too many shots both Harry and Louis decided to go and stay the night at Louis’ because Harry really didn’t want to bother Kate by going home drunk. And besides Louis had a comfortable couch in his living room that Harry could sleep on.

Louis and Harry stumbled to the top floor of the block of flats Louis lived in. Louis got his keys from his pocket and opened the door. Harry stepped in to the flat, where the living room was attached to the kitchen and the vestibule. It looked really nice place to live in from Harry’s eyes. Harry took a seat from the couch and leaned his head to the couch’s backrest, looking up to the ceiling.

“Gosh I can’t remember when was the last time, I was this drunk”, Harry said still looking up.

“And I can’t remember when was the last time I had this much fun”, Louis added and went to his bedroom to get a pillow and a duvet for Harry. He placed them to an armchair that was next to the couch.

“Come here, let’s chat”, Harry said tapping the empty space next to him on the couch. Louis smiled and fell down to the couch, right next to Harry.

“I’m so tired”, Louis said blinking his eyes heavily. Harry had lifted his head up from the backrest by now.

“I am too”, Harry said looking straight to Louis’ eyes. Louis looked back to Harry and all of a sudden both of the boys started laughing for no reason.

“You’re such a fun guy to be around”, Harry said touching Louis hand half on purpose half accidentally. The touch made both of the boys fell silent and to look deep into each other’s eyes again. Harry quickly moved his hand away from Louis’, still without taking his eyes away from Louis’ eyes. Surprisingly they both leaned closer to each other, so close that their lips were almost touching.

“This is crazy”, Harry whispered on Louis’ lips.

“I know”, Louis whispered biting his lip. They knew it was wrong what they were about to do.

“Kiss me”, Louis commanded Harry with a quiet voice. Before realising what was happening Harry had crashed his lips to Louis’. The kiss started slowly, because it was new to both of the boys, kissing another male. As soon as they got comfortable the kiss became more sweet and passionate. Without completely realising it, they both felt like it was so wrong yet so right. They could never have thought kissing another male would feel so good and lovable.

Next morning Louis woke up from his bed. He was lying on his side, his face towards the wall. When he rolled over to his other side he was attacked by a bunch of brown curls. He was still little drunk from last night, but enough sober to remember what happened. You would think Louis regrets all that happened the night before, but for his surprise he didn’t regret it at all. He just smiled to the still sleeping Harry before softly kissing Harry’s forehead and leaving the bed. He went to kitchen to prepare some breakfast for himself and Harry. He was in the middle of cutting the cucumber when he heard a loud roar from his bedroom. Louis quickly ran to see if everything was ok. He saw Harry sitting half naked on his bed, half covered by Louis’ duvet.

“Is everything alright?” Louis asked worried. Harry looked around avoiding to look into Louis’ eyes.

“Did we do it?” he mumbled, but enough clearly Louis to hear it. Louis chuckled before answering:

“As far as I remember, we didn’t do it.” Harry let out a sigh of relief. If they had done it he would’ve been cheating his girlfriend Kate, and the worst, with another guy.

“There’s some breakfast coming up in the kitchen if you want to eat”, Louis said smiling while leaning to the door frame.

“Thanks, I just get dressed first”, Harry said looking down to the duvet. Louis chuckled and shook his head while leaving the room to go and finish making the breakfast.

A few minutes passed by before Harry made his way to the kitchen. He sat down and let Louis hand him the food.

“You know Louis, I’ve been thinking… I think we should keep quiet about last night”, Harry said and took a bite from the sandwich Louis had made him.

“That would be the best solution for everyone”, Louis agreed.

“Not that it wasn’t nice, but it was just so unusual to me and probably to you to”, Louis said now sitting down to eat with Harry.

“Yeah”, Harry said quietly, now already finishing the sandwich.

“I think it is best if I leave now”, Harry said getting up from the table and placing the dishes on the sink. Harry walked to Louis’ bedroom to get his stuff before walking to the door. He put on his expensive looking shoes and looked at Louis same time.

“Thank you so much again for the night place and last night overall”, Harry said smiling. Louis nodded smiling to leaving Harry.

A good fifteen minutes from Harry’s leaving, Louis’ post arrived. Louis, who was still sitting around the kitchen table got up and picked up the post and walked to the living room and sat on the couch. He went through the envelopes that contained different kind of bills. But one of them was a bit thicker. Louis decided to open that one first. He ripped the envelope open and was shocked when he noticed photos of him and Harry kissing. The photos were taken last night from his balcony. He quickly ran to his balcony to see if someone was there, but he found nothing. Nothing that showed like someone had been there. When he closed the balcony door, one of the photos from his hands fell upside down to the floor. He picked it up and noticed a small note written behind one of the photos saying: ’Leave the curly alone, or these photos will end up to your family, Eleanor and Kate’s hands.’  

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