This is 3 to 5 parts long Larry story! It's my first Larry one so it probably sucks... But I still hope you like it :) x
The story tells about an average guy Louis Tomlinson who finds out someone is after him, but don't know who. He has to leave everything behind, but to his surprise he finds a better life in a new and different town. He gets to know Harry, who instantly becomes his best friend. They end up kissing, even if both of them have girlfriends. What happens next?


3. Being honest.

Louis really felt paranoid after getting the envelope. Someone sure was after him, but yet he didn’t know who and why. Being caring, Louis wanted to obey the threat player; he couldn’t stand if something happened any of the persons that meant something to him. Louis took fright when he heard his phone ringing on the living room table. He walked to see who was calling him; it was Harry. Louis thought twice before answering the phone.

“Hey Lou! I was just wondering if you would like to do something tomorrow?” Harry asked happily, not knowing what had just happened to Louis. Louis really didn’t know what to answer, he wanted to see Harry more than ever; he wanted to cry on to his chest and tell him all the terrible things that had happened on these past few days.

“Umm, there’s something I need to tell you. Can we meet at the top of the ridge around 11 am tomorrow?” Louis asked serious.

“Is everything alright mate?” Harry asked worried.

“No, not really. I’ll explain later, see you there at 11 am?” Louis answered asking.

“Yea sure, I’ll see you there”, Harry said before hanging up the phone. Louis walked to his bedroom and collapsed to his bed. Only thing he wanted at that point was being buried on his bed, but on the other hand he wanted to find out who was after him and why. He buried his face to one of the pillows. The pillow smelled like Harry, which made Louis think about Harry and how they had ended up kissing. Eleanor didn’t even cross Louis’ mind when thinking about Harry. He had this strange feeling inside of him, he wasn’t sure what it was and all he wanted to do was hide the feeling deep inside and get his thoughts about Harry out of his mind, but he couldn’t.

“NO! It can’t be”, Louis shouted and threw the pillow to the floor, getting up from the bed. No one was hearing him, or at least he thought so. He had figured out what the feeling was he was feeling, he had felt that only once before, but haven’t had the feeling for ages.

“I can’t be in love with Harry, I just met him and I’m straight, right?” Louis mumbled walking towards the bathroom.

“I just can’t be gay, it’s not possible”, Louis said to himself again. He looked his reflection from the mirror, while leaning to the wash-basin. He opened the water tap and cold water started to stream. Louis washed his face trying to clear his head and thoughts. He looked to the mirror again, watching the cold water drops racing down his face. He grabbed a towel that was next to the water tap and dried his face. The feeling was still there, but Louis started to feel like no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t escape it. He sighed deep and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Fuck this, I can love whoever I want to”, Louis started loudly before continuing quietly:

“And this time it seems to be another guy.” Saying that out loud, made Louis feel powerful and good. He admitted something to himself he never thought he would have to. At this point Eleanor crossed Louis’ mind. He had almost completely forgotten about her. How in the world he could tell her he loves someone else, who happened to be Harry.

The next day Louis woke up just in time for not being late from meeting Harry. He took his backpack and rushed to his car. He started the engine and drove off as quickly as possible; he didn’t want to make Harry wait him for too long. The drive was only around ten minutes. The place was a beautiful place a little higher from the town so you could see the whole town from there. Louis parked his car next to Harry’s. Louis noticed Harry sitting on a huge rock that had the best view to the town. Harry heard Louis’ car and turned around, smiling. Harry didn’t turn his look away from Louis, before Louis reached the rock.

“Hey curly”, Louis said smirking.

“Hello my friend”, Harry answered smiling. Louis climbed to the rock and sat next to Harry. He was still unsure if he should tell Harry about the creeper who was sending all these anonymous threats. But in the end, after both of the boys being quiet for a minute Louis decided to tell Harry everything.

“I don’t know if this is a good idea, but I can’t keep it just for myself anymore”, Louis started. Harry quickly turned his look from the town to Louis. Harry had a worried look on his face, he was preparing to hear something terrible, yet unknown. Harry nodded to sign Louis to continue.

“My life is in danger, or well at least I think so. It all started when I was having a dinner with Eleanor at the Chinese restaurant. I opened a fortune cookie and the note said that my life was in danger and that I needed to leave the town without telling anyone, so I did. And after moving to the new place I’ve received two threatening messages. The first one said I couldn’t contact people I left behind, and the other one was an envelope full of pictures of us, kissing”, Louis said ending his words quietly. At this point one tear started to fall down Louis' cheek. Harry noticed it and wiped the tear away with his thumb. 

“That’s terrible Louis!” Harry said now even more worried, moving his hand away from Louis' cheek. 

“I know, and the worst thing is that behind one photo read that if I saw you again, all the pictures would be sent to our girlfriends and to my family. So I’m hoping I didn’t screw up your life now by seeing you”, Louis said sadly, looking down.

“Don’t worry. It wouldn’t be that bad if Kate got the photos of us kissing”, Harry said, looking first to Louis then to the town. Louis made a confusing look towards Harry, but didn’t say anything.

“I broke up with her yesterday”, Harry said still looking to the town’s side. Louis’ jaw dropped; he felt happy and sad same time.

“I’m so sorry, but why did you two break up?” Louis asked curious. Harry turned his head to Louis’ direction and smiled:

“I realised I’m in love with someone else.” Louis smiled back to Harry, but somehow he was broken inside; what if Harry was in love with someone, who’s not him. The night before Louis had found out he was actually in love with Harry, but was still a little confused about his feelings, since he had been dating Eleanor for the past 2.5 years. Louis still was a nice guy, so he didn’t want the pictures to end up in Eleanor’s or any other’s hands.

“I see, the person you’re in love with must be the luckiest person on earth”, Louis said faking a smile.

“I’m the lucky one if he feels the same”, Harry said smirking. From Harry’s words ‘He’ crossed Louis mind over and over again. He was in love with another guy and not with a girl. One thing Louis didn’t know was that the guy Harry was talking about was actually him. Harry was just too shy to admit his feelings to Louis, not being sure of how Louis would feel. And he still wanted to be good friends with Louis and not lose him because of what he felt. Louis didn’t admit his feelings towards Harry either, because Harry was in love with someone Louis didn’t know.

The way Louis and Harry flirted with each other while sitting on the rock above the town you could’ve thought they were actually a couple. Too bad both of them were unsure about how the other person would react so they kept quiet. They were talking about their guy’s night out that had turned to something weird, but also wonderful. They talked about how their lives would change if Eleanor and Kate got the pictures, but they were sure no one knew they were seeing each other; the place they were at wasn’t that known.

“I think we should go back before anyone finds out we have been seeing each other”, Louis said looking down, not wanting to leave that place.

“I agree, I don’t want you to get in trouble because of me”, Harry said looking down as well. Harry stood up first and helped Louis up too. They jumped off from the rock and walked to their cars not saying a word, you could tell both of the boys were miserable to leave.

“So I guess I’ll see you later somewhere”, Harry said smiling, trying to make Louis smile too. The boys had stopped in front of their cars and were standing rather close to each other.

“I guess so”, Louis said with a little smile. Louis took a step closer to Harry and gave him a tight hug. Harry wrapped his muscular arms around Louis to respond to the hug he was having. Harry gave Louis a small peck on his cheek after loosening the hug. Louis smiled widely, trying to hide it from Harry. He even blushed after getting a small peck from Harry. After that both of them stepped in to their cars and drove off. 

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