All In the space and time of a Week.

A story about a girl called Jessi..
Shes a girl who on edge , shes given up and life and sees no Point in it .. D:
When she gives herself a time scale of one week to do anything she wants before shes ends her life..
She meets a Boy.
Could this change anything?
Will he change her ?


7. Me&Niall On a Date?

Nialls P.O.V


We arrived at nandos and I helped her sit down .

The waitress arrived and we both ordered , While waiting for our food we got talking , I asked her everything .

She was quite shy , She had a sad look in her eyes , I couldn't help but ask.. Jess Are you okay?

No my mom passed away she said ..


she burst out crying and i moved and give her a hug , she was lying on my chest breathing she smelled fruity I liked it , it made me feel safe.

Im sorry she whispered I just..

You dont need to explain i said lets eat i said as our food had just arrived .

When we had eaten our food i asked her a few more questions before it was 10pm 

we better take you home i said you need some sleep :] i smiled and she smiled.

I wonder if she likes me i thought.


We got to her house and before she walked inside i asked if i could take a picture i took a few pictures and we pulled load of weird faces.

I knew this was my kind of girl.


Jess P.O.V


Oh My God.

I think I like Niall

He smells like food.

He likes food.

He has no tattoos




wait im going to far i don't even know if he likes me and probably not im just a weird little slut.

that's what everyone says



Nialls P.O.V


I got home and looked at the pictures for hours.

She was AMAZAYN.

I went into my own world just thinking about her , I loved her now i knew i did.

I posted the pictures and tagged her in them .

AMAZING NIGHT WITH @Jessigurlperson19999999998

I had a shower and got into bed tired and feel asleep dreaming of jess.





Nialls dream.


Good morning babyyy , jess said

Good morning :]

It our wedding day todaaay jess screamed .

Oh my god i forgot i said.

and i burst out laughing im joking i said she looked like she had seen a ghost .

i woke up to the sound of harry laughing 

you say weired things in your sleep niall

i didnt care i text jess to see if she wanted to link and waited for a reply :o

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