All In the space and time of a Week.

A story about a girl called Jessi..
Shes a girl who on edge , shes given up and life and sees no Point in it .. D:
When she gives herself a time scale of one week to do anything she wants before shes ends her life..
She meets a Boy.
Could this change anything?
Will he change her ?


10. Hospital.

Nialls P.O.V


I rushed into the hospital with her THANKGOD the neighbor heard he screaming I ran as she was unconscious  


Its hard to tell the doctor replied could you please wait outside?

I ran down the hall tears streaming down my face.

She was something special i cant loose her now.


Harrys P.O.V


We were all there me niall louis liam and zayn

we were told to wait outside only niall was allowed in suddenly niall come running out with tears streaming down his face why was he so upset i knew they were friends but i think there was more to this .

Maybe he liked her. 

I went to see if Niall was okay.



Nialls P.O.V


Suddenly harry walked in and i hid in the cubical so he wouldn't find me.

Niall i know you in there he said .

I walked out .

Whats up mate?

I told him everything .

How much i liked her EVERYTHING.


wow . harry said 

im shocked i really did not expect that.


We should go see her said harry

Yeah i agree..


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