All In the space and time of a Week.

A story about a girl called Jessi..
Shes a girl who on edge , shes given up and life and sees no Point in it .. D:
When she gives herself a time scale of one week to do anything she wants before shes ends her life..
She meets a Boy.
Could this change anything?
Will he change her ?


1. At home...

It was Sunday 14th October 2001 Just one of those days.. I had got fired from work i had little money and my rent was due in 2 weeks. As I collected my things from my desk at work and placed them into a box my boss come in. Im sorry he said.. I don't mean to kick you out like this but your just not right for this job. My boss knew all about me he knew i hated my life he knew this was the last straw. YOU KNEW THIS WAS MY LAST CHANCE . THIS IS IT. I HAVE NOTHING. EVERYTHING IS GONE. i hope you die . I screamed and walked out with tears streaming down my face.. I just wanted to get home. As I walked outside it was raining I stood on the curb and tried to wave for a taxi. 10 mins later after waiting in the rain i was soaking wet. A taxi pulled up , As i sat inside i saw a man he looked shocked. Bad out? Yes.. I replied quietly. Bad day hey love? You could say that.. Never mind babe i am sure it will get better :] He turned around his cute little green eyes stared at me and he smiled as he flipped his brown curly hair. 20 mins later i had arrived Home . How much will i have to pay you..? I asked Nothing for you , Looks like you had a ruff day ill pay for you get some rest babe . Thankyou! I said your the first person who has been nice to me in awhile .. I blushed I couldn't stop myself. Well There is only one nice guy in the world and thats me Harry Im harry styles
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