All In the space and time of a Week.

A story about a girl called Jessi..
Shes a girl who on edge , shes given up and life and sees no Point in it .. D:
When she gives herself a time scale of one week to do anything she wants before shes ends her life..
She meets a Boy.
Could this change anything?
Will he change her ?


2. Alone Again




I could hear the rain outside my bedroom window , I was bored since i had got fired from work i had nothing to do .

I decided to go downstairs to make some food , As I opened the fridge I realized I had not a lot of food i had barely nothing.

I grabbed some old nutella from the cubored and made myself a qwick sandwich .

I ran upstairs and opened my laptop , I checked my tweets..


hey @jessigurlperson199998 wana go shopping?

No ... I replied and slammed the laptop closed , I need food i thought.

I got up out of bed and walked over to the bathroom , I stood in front of the mirror and cried at the sight i was ugly...

I quickly stripped and stepped into the shower the hot water running down my back .

It felt good.

After about a good 20 mins i stepped out of the shower i wrapped a towel around me and sat down and got out my mobile phone and rang for a cab.


Harrys Styles cabs How may i help you ?


I said before i could stop myself.

Its the girl from yesterday.. i wondered if i could have a cab at my house in 30mins? 

Suree he replied!

I gave him my details and off i went to get ready.

I combed my hair out and dried it then i straightened it and combed it to the side and added a pink flowers.

I wondered what to wear ..

I ran to the wardrobe and grabbed a pair of ripped skinny jeans a Dark pink t.shirt with white poker-dots on like mini mouse.

I got out a light pink jumped and placed it over and put on my locket .

Then i grabbed a pair of pink vans and ran down stairs grabbed my bag and phone.

I went to get a glass of water and i opened the the door .

That guy was there it was harry? Harry styles.

Umm Hi?

Oh hey !  You wanted a cab?

Oh yes! I remembered.

I got into the cab this time in the front , so hows things asked harry.

Good i suppose... Just bored now i got fired.

Hey why dont you come to a party with me and a few friends tonight ? COME ON! it will be fun!

Sure i thought i have nothing else to do .

I got to the shop and harry insisted on helping me.

So we walked in the door and suddenly everyone come in pointing and staring and screaming.

I was confused.

Why are they?

Harry interrupted

I thought you knew he laughed i am in a band called one direction.


We walked around the shop and i was getting used to it i kind of liked it everyone staring at me for a change .

Harry helped me pack my stuff into the car and when we arrived home he helped me put it all away.

He give me a sheet of paper with his number on .


and ran out of the house to get changed.



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