All In the space and time of a Week.

A story about a girl called Jessi..
Shes a girl who on edge , shes given up and life and sees no Point in it .. D:
When she gives herself a time scale of one week to do anything she wants before shes ends her life..
She meets a Boy.
Could this change anything?
Will he change her ?


13. A week to decide - Day One.

I woke upat 2pm next to jess and decided what i was going to do .

I rang up nandos and booked it at 7pm for us only us i booked the hole place so no body else would be there .

I went into town and brought the perfect ring .

I went home and brought her pancakes in bed 


Morning...she rolled over .

I giggled.

i made you pancakes she instantly turned around and started eating

Yumymy she said with her mouth full it ws 5pm by the time we had finished eating get ready babe you have two hours and were going out!

Why :o


Hurry .

I had a shower slipped on a pair or jeans t-shirt and some converse .

Done .

I waited another hour and jess come out .

She look amazing.

She had a red dress on and read heals to match a bright red lipstick to.

You look...

Amazing i said.

She had took my breath away.

Half and hour later we arrived at nandos and sat down we ordered.

Why is there nobody here i thought puzzled?

I booked it just for us i wanted to be alone .


Aweee! Nialler.

Thats sweet 3 hours later we had eaten our food and we went for a walk by the river we sat under a tree were nobody was. suddenly niall got down on his knees.



I know iv only known you for 3 -4 years but I love you and i know i want to be with you for the rest of my life.

She looked shocked.

I placed the diamond ring on her finger and did the cutest face i could think of.

Yes Nialler.

Yes YES YES She screamed .

I carried her bridal style to the car and we went home.


We were both tired she fell asleep in my arms and after a while i drifted of too.

It had only been day one and i already had got her to stay.

I think

I cant wait for tomorrow.

Bring It day 2.







thanks for reading.

Any problems questions or anything 

Contact me on


thanks xoxo

Sophhheh <3

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