That day should of never happend

This is a heart warming story about a girl and his boyfriend.


1. The phone call

On the day of Thursday at 6pm of the 15th of october a boy names Toby Lawsen got a call from from his girlfriend Lucy Tin he said hello and asked what was wrong because it sounded like she was crying.. She said 'Look i never get to see you i live in America and you live in England please say we will meet soon :(' He said 'Yes of course and i have a little surprise for you actually well i know its your birthday tomorrow.. so i have your presant.'  'omg tell me what it is!!'  'I have booked you tickets to come to England for 2 weeks!' Lucy screamed 'WHAT I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I CANT BELIVE IT! OMG OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH' They hung up... 3 weeks later... phone rings.. 'Hey baby its Lucy 1 week till im with my beutiful baby boy!'.

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