All About Me

I Got this idea from Kelly G, Hope You Enjoy!


2. Crushes (Cringe) And Boyfriends

Okay I Hope None Of My Friends are on here or I'm Dead

Boyfriend 1}

Okay so I had this kinda boyfriend Called Conall( who also was my first kiss) and we dated for like a week or two, More About Him Later.

Boyfriend 2}

Okay So Number 2 Was my longest one he was about ammm 2 years but like this was when I was six so wasn't very serious. His name was Eoin(Owen but only spelt in Irish) he was okay Quite Cute But now he's just annoying.

Crush 1}

Okay I've always had a crush on him it will probably never go away His name is Sean and he's soooooo Cute he has blonde curly hair but in a cute way and blue eyes. I Went out with him for like a week but It didn't last cute story this youth club went swimming which we were both in and his cousin and I didn't really like him then but I Was at a wall waiting and he leaned in to kiss me and I moved away and he kissed His Cousin(there both now one of my bf but he doesn't like me any more)Lol It was sooooooo funny!

Crush 2}

Told you we'd get to him, Okay so it's Conall He's soooo cute he's tan and has brown hair but he's kinda short and I've Always kinda liked him .


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