Children of the Desert.

All Anuru had ever known was a strict, regimented life, obeying the harsh rules of Aronath. Trapped by the high walls of the citadel, her life was ruled by exams and regulations. That was until she met Lalia.

New to the city, Lalia befriends shy Anuru and opens her eyes to life beyond the strict laws of Aronath. With Anuru's quiet logic and Lalia's free spirit can they escape to the freedom of the desert beyond.


7. Through the eyes of the tiger.

A roaring fire blazed in the Chancellor's office. The warm light illuminated the purple velvets and glinted off the eyes of the white tiger rug, lying helplessly on the floor. If you could see through the eyes of the unfortunate tiger, you would have seen a sumptuous room, lavishly draped in silks and velvets. Purples and reds seemed to glow in the firelight. But this room was wasted on the Chancellor, he sat in his armchair completely neglecting his luxurious setting. Dust settled on the marble surfaces, dulling their gleam. The curtains hadn't been opened in years, no sunlight could push it's way through to light the space. The white tiger's eyes were sighing.

The Chancellor laughed haughtily whilst sipping liquor from a small glass. His assistant stood behind the large purple armchair, constantly in fear of his ruthless master. The Chancellor's laugh set him on edge as it echoed of the high ceiling.

"Another year, another batch of workers to tend to my city. I do love the ranking." 

"Indeed, sir." mumbled the assistant, a little too hastily.

"It's so nice to see fresh faces, full of hope."

"It does lift the spirits, sir."

"Indeed, especially as I see their lifeless expressions after a day tending to my city. Seeing their souls crushed, ah, it reminds of the day I gained Chancellorship of this city."

"A truly glorious occasion." said the assistant, for probably the thousandth time.

"Before then this place was a wreck. My dear father, God rest his soul, had no control. I hold this city in the palm of my hand, and they know the consequences if they defy my rule." The Chancellor clenched the corner of the silk throw in his hand so hard his knuckles turned white. The poor assistant turned pale, holding on to the back of the armchair for support.

"You would never challenge me would you?" said the Chancellor, turning his head slowly to look the assistant directly in the eye. The assistant quickly looked to the floor, pretending to be fascinated by the rich mahogany. The Chancellor looked at him intently and for a second the assistant was convinced he had done wrong and was about to be punished. " Of course you wouldn't. That's what I love about A grading assistants, you were already brainwashed as a child by the propaganda, I need not worry about controlling you or your colleagues!" the Chancellor laughed hysterically for about a minute in such a way that the assistant may have fainted through fear.

The white tiger itself would be shivering too, if it had been alive to witness this scene. Something about the Chancellor's laugh brought a chill to the room that not even the hearty fire could warm.




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