Summer Love *FINISHED*

Kierra is visiting her best friend Louis Tomlinson for the summer because her parents were going on holiday to Australia, but all of a sudden everything changes, her life changes forever... Will it ever be the same again?!?


11. Where's Louis?

Kierra POV: 

Me and Charlotte went back up to bed after errm what happened. Thinking about it I wonder where he ran off to?!


It was morning and Louis still wasn't back, I was getting really worried now. I ran downstairs to find Louis with his suitcases,

"Where you going Louis!" I practically shouted at him.

"I'm staying with my friend Alexis, problem Kierra?" He told me,

"No just wondered," I said to him. With that Louis walked out of the door and to his friend's house I take it.

Alexis POV:

I was just sorting out Louis' bedroom when I heard a knock at the door, I instantly knew it was Louis so I straightened out my hair and my clothes and then I opened the door. It WAS Louis.

"Hey Louis, come on in," I say to him.

"Thanx Alexis," He tells me. I'm so glad Louis' staying with me, I finally get chance to give....... REVENGE!!!!




Hey guys sorry chapter was short couldn't think of anything so yeah. What do you think Alexis' problem is with Louis, oooooooh.  Don'y worry Alexis Tomlinson  you turn nice, ahah :)

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