Summer Love *FINISHED*

Kierra is visiting her best friend Louis Tomlinson for the summer because her parents were going on holiday to Australia, but all of a sudden everything changes, her life changes forever... Will it ever be the same again?!?


23. what to do?

Harry's POV

Kierra and Louis were on the bed kissing and i felt myself fill with rage. "WHAT THE HECK?" i yell as Kierra and Louis both stop and look at me. "Mate it's not what it looks like" Louis began but i cut him off "really? cause it looks like your kissing MY girlfriend" I say to him Kierra just sits there shock and pain plain on her face.

Kierra's POV

I don't know what just happened Louis came in the room and told me what happened with Lexi and how he escaped and he just kissed me and I kissed him back I missed him and I couldn't resist ,but Harry walked in and reality hit. I cheated on Harry not only once but twice ugh.

Liam's POV

 I can't believe what just happened. I look over at Julianna her face was expressionless she just stood there looking at me. I look around and sit down on a bench. I feel her sit next to me. "Li...i'm i'm sorry" she says i see a tear go down her face. I sigh and look at her "it's okay" i tell her I know she means no harm but I need to get Angie back she probably hates my guts. I try and ring her phone but it just goes to voicemail. "Come on Angie pick up...please!" I say with tears streaming down my face. I tried and tried for about ten minutes but she just wouldn't answer. "I'm going Julianna, I'm going to get my girl back!" 

You could tell she was angry, angry and upset, wait I get it now, all of this was so she could get me, so she could say that I was hers, I should've realised, Angie hates the movies. I guess I was just caught up in the moment when Julianna text me off of Angie's phone. Cause I would never miss a chance to see Angie. "You're gonna get it now Julie!" I said to myself with pure anger in my voice, but only said so only my ears only could hear. I ran to Angie's house and knocked on her door. She wouldn't answer at first but I just kept knocking. I saw her look out of her bedroom window with her puffy red eyes. She had been crying, I felt terrible. Finally she walked downstairs and she opened the door. "What do you want Liam?" She said as she started to sob again. "Please Angie, let me come in and explain!" I pleaded, I just needed her in my life. I couldn't live without her.

"Fine you have 10 Minutes." She replied emotionless. I walked in and sat down  on her black leather sofa. I missed the times on this sofa. "Listen Angie, yesterday when we went out to dinner, my old friend Julianna was the waitress and she must of took your phone because I had a text from her pretending to be you saying to meet at the movies and not thinking I forgot that you hate the movies so anyway I got dressed and went to the movie theatre and waited for ages until Julianna showed up and jumped on me and started kissing me, I tried to push her off but it was no use. And that is when you came. Please believe me, I'm so sorry Angie!" I said to her repeating tonights horrors with tears in my eyes. 

"I believe you Liam. I'm so fucking glad it was her. I'm so fucking glad you're mine again. And with that we kissed and ended up having sex. It was amazing, I'm so glad she's mine again!!!

Kierra's POV: 

I can't do this anymore I can't live with being Harry's girlfriend knowing I have cheated on him twice. I walk up to Harry's door and knock on it. He opens the door with a tear stained face and puffy red eyes. "What do you want?" He asked. 

"I've come to apologies, but also I've come to say I can't do this anymore knowing I've cheated on you. I'm so sorry Harry, but it's over," And with that Harry slams the door in my face and I hear him crying. I walk to my room and Write in my journal I got a few days ago.


I feel so bad. I've cheated on Harry twice. I can't believe myself I never thought I would do anything like that! What if I split the band up. Everyone would hate me! I hate myself, I might as well just go and die in a hole!


I closed my journal and cried myself to sleep.


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