Summer Love *FINISHED*

Kierra is visiting her best friend Louis Tomlinson for the summer because her parents were going on holiday to Australia, but all of a sudden everything changes, her life changes forever... Will it ever be the same again?!?


3. The Plane Journey

The airport is sooooo big, I've never been to an airport before so I don't really know what they look like, my parents never let me do anything.

I couldnt find anything so I had to go to reception to ask them if they knew where gate 10 was, they said turn to the left and you will see it on your right. "Thankyou," I replied to the lady. I done what she had told me and she was right it was on my right.

So walked onto my plane and found my seat, another girl was already sitting next to me. 

"Hello, my names Charlotte, what's your name?" she asked me. I could tell she was really scared.

"My names Kierra, what are you flying to America for?" I asked her.

"I...I...I'm running away..." she told me

"Why are you running away, you dontt have to tell me if you don't want to, and anyway why don't you come around with me. Oh and by the way, are you a One Direction fan?" I asked her, not expecting her to reply the first question.

"I don't really want to talk about it... Oh really you would let me, and yes I'm a HUGE fan!!"

"Good you will like hanging about with me then, cause my best friend is.... don't scream but it's Louis Tomlinson!"

"OMG really?!?"

"Yea and I get to meet the rest of the boys today as well too, sooo an experience for both of us, haha"

"Awesome I can't wait thankyou so much Kierra."

"No problem."

After I fell asleep listeng to my favourite One Direction song... C'mon C'mon, on repeat.

I woke up to the sound of the speaker saying to buckle your seatbelt we are about to land. I woke up Charlotte and we just both sat there smiling like idiots!

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