Summer Love *FINISHED*

Kierra is visiting her best friend Louis Tomlinson for the summer because her parents were going on holiday to Australia, but all of a sudden everything changes, her life changes forever... Will it ever be the same again?!?


4. Meeting Them

Once me and Charlotte got off of the plane we grabbed our bags and stood around waiting for Louis. We were waiting around for almost 10 minutes, so I decided to text Louis.

To: Louis :) 

From: Kierra

Hey Lou where are you me and my friend Charlotte have been waiting for over 10 minutes. WHERE ARE YOU!!! Oh I hope you don't mind me bringing her along :) x

" Oh my god you have his number!" Charlotte shouted excitedly. We did get a few weird looks I must admit.

"Charlotte!" I said to her

"Sorry." she replied quietly

"Hey don't wo..." I was cut off by my phone ringing. It was Louis, I put my finger up to my lips looking at Charlotte signaling her to be quiet. Her face expressions told me she knew it was Louis. I answered it:

Me: Hey Lou what's up?

Louis: Look in front of you." I looked in front of me and saw... LOUIS!!!! I cut my phone off and ran up to Louis.

"Louis I've missed you so much. We have sooo much to catch up on!" I suddenly remembered Charlotte. 

"Oh and Louis this is Charlotte and Charlotte this is Louis well you know who he is. Shes a big Directioner," I told Louis.

Charlotte just stood there staring into space, Louis waved his hand in front of your face and laughed. "H..Hi!" Charlotte stuttered.

"Hi love I'm Louis, well I guess you kind of know that!" Louis Said. "Come on girls lets get back to the car and meet the rest of the boys," Louis told us. Me and Charlotte both screamed and ran for Louis' car. He just tutted at us and laughed, I'm so glad to see my best friend again but I can't help think about the butterflies in my tummy when I hugged him. And the past.....


Hey guys hope you liking the story so far am trying really hard with this.

Byyyyeeeee :) 

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