Summer Love *FINISHED*

Kierra is visiting her best friend Louis Tomlinson for the summer because her parents were going on holiday to Australia, but all of a sudden everything changes, her life changes forever... Will it ever be the same again?!?


20. Girls will be Girls

Louis' POV:

"cause Lou I still like you" Alexis said. What did she just say?! I was shocked! After everything I done to her, she still likes me. Wow I'm gonna have to get used to this girl if she's just gonna fucking try it on with me all the time!

I begged and pleaded to Alexis once more. She thought about it for a bit and finally gave me the answer I was hoping for. She let me out of the room and I went to have a shower, I turned on the hot water and hopped in. I stood thinking whilst the water rushed down my body. I tried to forget Alexis and think happy thoughts about living with her but I couldn't help thinking more was to come!

Alexis POV:

Louis is gonna get such a shock when he comes down from his shower! I was laying the table for a nice romantic dinner even though I bet he won't like me after what I done to him!

Louis POV:

I walked down the stairs after my shower to see Alexis at the table with soft romantic music playing in the background. What had she done now? I thought to myself. She told me to sit at the table, I did as I was told as I know what she is capable of when people get in the shit with her. She brought out my favourite meal from the kitchen and put it down in front of me. She had the same. I starting eating, trying to avoid eye contact an conversation. Just then she started one up...

Alexis POV:

Things were really awkward between me and Louis, so I decided to break the ice...

"Louis I'm so sorry for what  I did I didn't want it to go as far as it did, it got so out of hand I'm so sorry!"

"Hey try not to worry about it, the past is the past right?!" He replied trying to sound cheerful. And with that he stood up and went to his room I presume.

Niall POV:

Ahhhhh! I can't wait to see Beth again! Last time we saw each other was like 2 weeks ago and I had missed her so much! It wasn't really a date, we were just going out to the theme park as boyfriend and girlfriend. I guess some people would think it was, but me and Beth no. For us a date has to special, something special that brings good memories! 

Beth POV:

I'm seeing Niall today and  can't wait, were going to the theme park and it's going to be awesome!!!!

Liam POV:

I had got back from my date with Angie yesterday and it was amazing, she was amazing! Once we had had our dinner, we went to the beach and had a walk along the seafront. I had finally picked up the courage to kiss her too! However sadly the night had to end and we both went home, and funnily enough she lives 2 doors down from our house, I wondered how she looked familiar! Also I'm glad I met up with Julianna too, she was my best friend from high school and missed like forever! We had swapped numbers and we had been messaging non-stop, catching up and telling each other about our lives. I learnt that she had had a boyfriend but he broke her heart and she couldn't get over him for like months! She realised that she had to and that's when she got the job at the restaurant. We had learnt  so much of each others lives that it was like midnight when we had finished talking. So I went to sleep.

Julianna POV:

Liam's back and now's the chance to make him mine!!!




Oooooh what do you think Julianna's gonna do to Liam? And thankyou so much for reading my story it means alot!!


~Niall's Mine <3~

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