Summer Love *FINISHED*

Kierra is visiting her best friend Louis Tomlinson for the summer because her parents were going on holiday to Australia, but all of a sudden everything changes, her life changes forever... Will it ever be the same again?!?


16. Everyone has girlfriends now

Harry's POV:

Since Kierra had known Charlotte the longest I went to ask her what Grace meant. Running away...again?

"Hey Kierra did Charlotte ever say that she had run away to you?"

"Err yea when I first met her on the plane she said something about running away, but she didn't tell me why, I wonder why she ran away," She replied to me.

"Wait so you only met her on the plane not from England?" I asked her.

"Yep that's right," She said popping the 'p' and then running off to go somewhere. God knows where though.

I went to see if Liam and Niall wanted to play MarioKart on the wii with me. 

Liam POV:

I was getting ready for my date with Angie I can't wait to see her again! I remember her beautiful blue eyes and her amazing blonde hair. I think I was dreaming for about 5 minutes when I was disturbed by the sound if someone knocking on the door.

"Hey Li wanna play the wii, it's MarioKart your favourite." Harry asked me.

"Hey mate I would love to, but I'm going on a date with Angie remember," I told him.

"Oh that really hot blonde?"

"Hey back off man, she's mine," I shouted as Louis did in one of our first xfactor video diaries, thinking of them made me miss them a lot. 

Niall POV:

I was texting my girlfriend Beth, she was amazing! Her beautiful blue eyes and her lovely brown hair made me smile like an idiot! I was in the middle of texting her back when I heard a knock at the door. It was Harry.

"Hey Niall wanna play MarioKart?" He asked me

"Naa sorry mate but I'm gonna meet Beth soon," I replied.

Harry POV:

Wow! Everyone's got girlfriends now! I thought to myself




I put you in Beth701D and AngelizMalik :)

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