Summer Love *FINISHED*

Kierra is visiting her best friend Louis Tomlinson for the summer because her parents were going on holiday to Australia, but all of a sudden everything changes, her life changes forever... Will it ever be the same again?!?


22. All on my own

Liam POV:

I was getting ready to meet Angie at the movies. I had finished getting ready and it was 6:30. I had half an hour to get there. I don't want to let my baby gal down! So I got in my car and drove to the movies. I got there and Angie was no-where in sight. I said to myself that she was probably a little bit late. I had been waiting for over half an hour. I checked my phone and it read 7:30. I was looking all over the place when I heard a voice I knew too well... "Looking for someone Liam?" It was Julianna...

She came over to me and grabbed me and starting kissing me. I tried to push her off but she was holding me down like her life depended on it. Luckily I knew her weak point. "Get off me now Julianna or else I'll call Tom!" that was her ex, who broke her. She backed off of me and looked stunned. I thought I could get away but instantly she started kissing me again. 

"Liam....!" It was Angie. 

"It's not what it looks baby cakes, please...believe me!!" She didn't reply she just ran away crying her heart out.

"You manwhore Liam!" Her friends scream at me "She doesn't deserve you, she can do better!". And with that I was left....Alone.

Harry POV:

I was getting really worried about Kierra. She just seemed so distant from the rest of us! I put it down to Charlotte running away. I walked up to her bedroom and knocked on the door. There was no reply so I just walked in. She was there, with Louis....



Hey guys hope you liked it. Sorry it was short. Didn't have any good ideas really but felt like I should update.

Luv ya's muffins


~Niall's Mine <3~  

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