The Slim Guide

Another guide by me and Rebecca.
Rebecca is trying to lose weight, although everyone tells her she doesn't need to, she wants to. It's all for her own self-esteem.

Inspired by her, I'm trying to live a healthier life.
so here's our plans to help guide anyone who needs it :)


2. 'Diets'

Diets absolutely suck. No way in the world is it easy. 

Most diets make you miss out and tell you that you cannot have chocolate etc. But I have found a different way around that. Instead of telling myself what I cannot and can have, I lay out what I have and haven't had in one day. 

I'm a vegetarian so this is little easier for me. You need to aim to eat fruit or vegetables in every meal you eat and try as much as possible to snack on them as well. My massive problem I have was fizzy drinks and cheese so I've cut myself down to one to none a day and then increased my fruit intake considering I never ate fruits before. Also I used to eat bread for all three of my meals and sometimes snacks so I cut down on that aswell.

With eating healthy you don't need to cut things out completely, just cut down on the things you eat too much off and improve on eating healthy foods. 


The big key to wieght loss is water. 

I now drink water before, during and after meals as drinking water help you lose weight because water hydrates the body enabling digestion to take place properly. This ensures that all the functions of the digestive system do not slow down. This way, fats, sugars and carbohydrates do not accumulate in the body or get stored and fail to be burned.

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