The Slim Guide

Another guide by me and Rebecca.
Rebecca is trying to lose weight, although everyone tells her she doesn't need to, she wants to. It's all for her own self-esteem.

Inspired by her, I'm trying to live a healthier life.
so here's our plans to help guide anyone who needs it :)


3. Being Active.

I'll tell you something probably unbelievable now that I'm writing this for you's. I was the laziest person you'd ever meet. My school is about a ten minute walk and I wouldn't even walk that. I spent everyday online and I couldn't be bothered to even go out with friends, I'd just invite them over. Now I do about one to two hours of cardiac exercise at least. 

Exercise which helps you burn carbs are exercises like, swimming, dancing, running, walking and biking. 

Unfortunately, exercise plays a main part in losing weight. Once you're into it, it's actually really fun and adds on something to do everyday other than sitting and watching TV or online. 

I use Just Dance 4 as it has a forty five minutes 'Just Sweat'. If you do it how you're supposed too, instead of sitting and shaking the controller... I also go swimming on a regular basis and set myself a new target of lengths to achieve eachtime... Sometimes I bike ride around the block and walk my three dogs. 


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