Girl named Ruby is being overwhelmed with final exams. The only thing which could possibly ruin her life even more is to fall in love with already taken curly boy. Poor girl.


12. Visit.

My heart sinks with her words. I decide to cope with this later, Harry´s health is way more important. As doctor nods at Harry´s girlfriend question, my mum and I are the only ones who haven’t entered the room. I feel two burning eyes on me. “Mum...” I say even though she doesn’t say a word to me.  She comes closer and hugs me again. It´s a long grip so I can sob in her shoulder and no one will notice. “I know honey” mum fills the gaps while I cry and hardly breathe. This is seriously the worst moment in my life and I have no idea what to do. Go home and wait for what? For a call that Harry has woken up and he wants to see me as much as I want to see him? That´s ridiculous. Even if he wakes from a coma, he surely won´t remember the thing we had. I don’t know if I can call it a thing but in my eyes it was. He was an incredible friend to me the whole time even though I left him and that our thing here, and moved out.  Ok. Maybe I seriously don’t deserve that call.

After straight 12 minutes, Annie walks towards us from that hideous white door. Her eyes are suddenly warm and remind me the old Annie. “Ella, I am so thankful you took Anita from kinder garden with you. Everything came so quickly and I wasn’t able to think straight...” My mum cuts her off. “Oh stop it. That´s the least I could do for you and your family.” Annie smiles at her then her eyes fall on me. “Ruby, darling, I am glad you´re back. Harry would be happy to have you here.” And after her words hot tears run down my cheeks. Now it hit me. “I am so sorry. I really am.” I sob and feel Annie´s hands on my cheeks. “He will be ok. I promise.” She says and I suddenly stop crying. She is doing her best not to break down in front of me instead she speaks to me in the most caring voice and comforts me. Me.  “Ruby, we should go home now. And Annie, Anita can stay with us as long as you need. Call me if anything changes.” My mum whispers and takes my hand to hers. At the end of the hall I hear that girl´ voice and Harry´s father talking to Annie about something. I am glad we left before they walked to her.

It has been a week since that car accident. Anita, Harry´s sister, is staying in our house. She is way more intelligent than our Arthur. She gets the whole situation with her brother and stays calm and rational. She is only 4. I don’t get it. Both my parents are at work so it´s just me and Aiden to take care of the kids. Well, it´s just Aiden now. I decide it to go to hospital. I though this through, I think. I´ll just roam around his room, see if there´s already someone inside. If not, I´ll sneak in there. I haven’t thought about the rest of it since I don’t want think about it. Annie called 2 days after my mum and I were at hospital for the first time and she told us that Harry´s vital functions are on the level of a healthy person. Basically it means, he would have woken up soon. And he did. Annie called for a second time that day that Harry is up and smiling at her. So it took me 5 days to find the courage to visit him. Now I am standing in front of the hospital building reconsidering my earlier decision. But the only thing I can think of is him so I walk in with no hesitation after all.

Too much white around me and that smell of cleanliness scares me. My heart is racing when I step into that well-known hallway and spot the door to Harry´s room.  I am surprised that there´s no one inside, no familiar faces waiting to see smiling Harry. I slowly walk toward the door and knock. The time my fist hits the door I realise that wasn’t a good idea at all. I shouldn’t have done that. Oh Jesus Christ. “It´s open!” suddenly echoed from the other side of the door. I am stepping in, my mind is a total whirl. Then I saw him. The eyes I missed so much are now looking at me. His hair is even messiest than usual but I get it. The bruises on his face are dark blue, his both arms are covered in white, but his smile stayed the same. “Hi.” I quickly break the silence. His eyes soften. “Hi” he says. “I had no idea if nurses let me it. And they did.” I stammer. That sentence doesn’t make any sense! “And now you´re here!” He adds and I laugh. “Where have you been Ruby?” He suddenly speaks up, he sounds hurt and I get why. “I am sorry” I say while sitting on the corner of his bed. “I am sorry” he adds. “It shouldn’t have been this complicated.” “I know” I reply looking at my feet. I don’t have the strength to look in his eyes. “How do you feel?” I suddenly speak up and look at him. He is smiling. “Sore but happy” he adds. “Yeah, you´re so lucky that car hit you. I would be happy as well” I say ironically and he laughs. “That´s not the reason” he explains and sighs. “You came back, Ruby.” He talks slowly, pronounces every word with such a joy and I don’t know what to say. “Yeah, I did” I reply. Why is he so nice to me? Like nothing changed? He doesn’t need me. He has his girl. “I missed you the whole time, Harry.” I whisper and watch the bruises slowly fade away. “You were the one who left and I still don’t know why.” I thought he won´t bring that up. “I am sorry.” “You say sorry a lot.” He adds and smiles at me again. “I am s-“ I reply but quickly stop. We both laugh. I know this is not the right time to laugh when we´re discussing things like that. Harry quickly changes the subject. “Have you brought me some bananas? Oooh maybe chocolate?” He jokes and I shake my head. “I assumed someone did that before me.” I look at the nightstand full of fruit and sweets. Now I feel bad that I haven’t brought any balloon or a teddy bear. “What can I say. People love me.” He adds and raise hands in the air.” Yeah, they do. They really do. As his hands reach back the duvet, Harry yawns. I can see how hard he is trying to persuade me he is fine. His eyes narrow and he sighs heavily as he leans for a pill and a glass of water. “I should let you take some rest.” I add and stood myself above his bed. “I slept the whole week...” He tells me off and smirks. “Yeah, because some moron almost killed you. You could have slept for more then a week, Harry. It´s a miracle that you....” He stops me finish it. “I know. I didn’t mean it like that.” His eyes soften again. I smile at him and watch his mouth turn into smile. Then he closes his eyes and breathes out. “Sleep it off properly.” I add as my hand reaches the door knob. I look at him one last time before I walk away. He looks just like I remember him. His baby features are now more visible then usual and I laugh quietly. Suddenly his eyes open. “Come to visit me again, ok?” The tenderness and vulnerability in his voice make me fell on my knees. “As long as you want me to, I will.” I add and close the door behind me. One more minute with him and I would tell him to hold me forever. As I withdraw the car keys from my bag at parking lot, I notice that raven girl from earlier walking through the cars. Harry´s girlfriend. She is wearing black coat to her knees, purple beanie and black ankle boots with high-heeled platform. Black curls are sticking out of her purple beanie and all I can say is that she is beautiful. Seriously, she is. She also seems as a nice person. Even though I just saw her talking once, she doesn’t fit into list of Harry´s dumb girlfriends. I should quickly step into car before she sees me staring at her. Suddenly she lifts her left hand and waves at me. Oh shit. Not now. She is walking toward me and I have no idea what to say to her. 

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