Girl named Ruby is being overwhelmed with final exams. The only thing which could possibly ruin her life even more is to fall in love with already taken curly boy. Poor girl.


10. The plan.

When I woke up I realised one thing. What happened yesterday at the bakery made me realise that things we definitely don’t expect are the best ones. Suddenly my fear from the future disappeared. There is a real chance for me to be happy. I can´t believe it. I am sitting on my bed, with my head leaning against my hands. It´s Saturday morning so everyone is sitting by the table and enjoying our after week re-union. I go downstairs and grab something to eat. “Good morning...” I actually smile at them, which I don’t do often. “Someone´s in a good mood” Dad teased me and grinned. I sigh. Mum joins our conversation. “Aunt Judy called yesterday.” I swallowed a piece of toast and waited for following explanation. I have no idea what´s with Aunt Judy. “She called about your no -university plan.” Oh. I see now. Mum continues “She wants you to move to Nottingham to her.” God. I can´t explain how happy I am right now. This was my plan since I went to senior year. And now it´s happening. Wow. So I can officially move out from here for good. Mum doesn’t seem so thrilled as I am but she told me that when Judy agree with me moving to her she won´t object. And here it is. I am officially on my way out of this shit. I am grinning like an idiot. “Look at her, she´s speechless” Aiden suddenly speaks out. “Ruby, don’t go away from me” Arthur intervenes. “Boys, you should learn how to make your beds while I am gone.” I add and smirk at them. My mum hasn´t said a world for a pretty long time now. “Mum, you said you´ll let me...” I break the silence between us. “I know Rub, but she wants you to come next Monday.” I am frozen right now. My smirk turns into frown. It really is early. I have no idea how I´ll pack all my things till Monday! “I guess I have to make it all till then.” I add and smile at her. “You should tell Harry at first.” My mum added and I got suddenly cold. Harry. I have totally forgotten about that part. I have to leave him. I am a shit. Shitty shit. Fuck RUBY! Seriously I fell for a boy and now I have to leave him. But my plan to leave this place was here sooner than plan to be in love with Harry. I have to go and don’t look back. My best friend died here. There´s no other option than leave it here. Or runaway. I am a coward so I can basically call it a runaway. I admit it. Fuck. On the one side, I am decided to go to Nottingham and live another life. That Ruby gives a fuck about the boy who mysteriously happened in her life. On the other side I have this feeling things are getting better here. With him especially. I don’t know what to do. Or maybe I know but I don’t want to admit it.

“Good afternoon Mrs. Styles, it´s Harry home?” I ask Annie through the camera on their fence. She smiles at me, probably still wearing her PJ. “Good afternoon Ruby. Of course he is, come inside!” Suddenly this huge gate opens and I walking to their front door. I want to see him but I don’t at the same time. This is bad. Really bad. I am already inside standing in front of Annie. “Harry didn’t mention you´re coming. “ She speaks up and friendly smiles at me. She is such a nice person. “Well, that´s because Harry didn’t know about me coming over. I am sorry if I interrupt something...” I apologize and go red in cheeks. “No, honey you´re not interrupting at all. Harry is in his room. Do you want me to go for him?” She asks and her left hand goes through her dark hair. “if its ok, I would go by myself.” I reply. “Sure. Please tell him to clean his room. It´s a real mess in there.” She adds and smiles politely. I chuckle and go straight to his room.

“You could have told me you´re coming over.” He sits me on his bed next to him. I see his messy sheets. He must have been sleeping a while ago. I smile at him. It´s a half smile though. “I am sorry, I just wanted to make it quick.” I add and he frowns. His smile turns to stone. “What´s wrong, Ruby?” He asks and his palm lands on my thigh. I immediately stand up and shake his hand off. This is too hard already. “I am leaving.” I sigh and whisper. I think I am going to cry. “Leaving where?” He adds confused. Shit. “To Nottingham instead of university, I am going to work at my Aunt´s shop.” “For how long?” He should stop asking me questions and making it even worse. “I don’t know, I guess till Christmas. I am not decided yet.” Harry suddenly stands up and his arms push my elbows. “You should fucking decide.” Oh. This is his reaction to it? Be angry with me cause I don’t know if we sing carols together? He goes on. “Ruby, shit... I am sorry.” He releases from his tight grip. His eyes soften and his voice smoothens. “We will figure it out somehow.” He adds. What does he wants to figure out? “You don’t understand.” I add and make a few steps away from him. “I don’t want nothing to figure out.” As I finish he grabs my hand. “I don’t get it.” I can´t find words how to tell him. “I am going there with no regrets about two of us. I can´t feel what I feel to you when I be there. You shouldn´t touch me like this...” I add and move backward again. His eyes are widen and I can´t guess what´s in his mind right now. “You don’t want me...” He whispers but not as a question. I need to be strong right now and lie. Lie as much as it´s possible. I miss him already. But. Crap. This is my moment and I have to take a chance. Harry will find someone and be happy with her instead of me. We wouldn’t last. At least I think we wouldn’t. Shit. Tell something!! “I don’t want you to be unhappy. And you would be with me. Harry, you are my best friend. I will never forget how much you meant to me. But I have to move on and forget about stuff. It´s eating me from inside. I won´t be able to make it here... I have to go.” He is just standing there, listening the crap coming out of my mouth. Suddenly I hug him strongly and run from his room. I am outside already, running home out of breath. Ok. I don’t want my breath back. I deserve this. I left him. I hope I left my past behind for good and that everything will be better now. 

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