Girl named Ruby is being overwhelmed with final exams. The only thing which could possibly ruin her life even more is to fall in love with already taken curly boy. Poor girl.


6. Tell me that you want me, tell me that you need me.

It´s something around 10 pm. And my kind of crazy best friend Chloe is still at home. I am waiting for her outside her house, trying to notice some movement through the front door. Still nothing. God girl! It´s Friday and my whole class decided to celebrate our A-levels.  They choose this huge club on the other side of the city. Ok. Now I see her. She is running right towards me. “I am sorry... I didn’t realise what time it is and...ok. I am here now.” Chloe was breathing heavily, her right hand resting on my shoulders. I smiled at her. “Let´s go now.” She giggled, her left hand went through her hair and we hit the road.

Crap! This is overcrowded! My eyes looking for some classmates but I can´t see any. “This way...” Chloe´s hand grabbed me by my shoulder and led me deeper to the crowd. After pretty rough way through the dance floor I finally noticed everyone. Josh, Rita, Kate, Erin, Libby, right behind them were Conor and Jack flirting with some blond girl. I think I am going to miss these fuckers. “Finally, we were about to start without you, thank god Josh stopped us!” Rita spoke up and giggled. She seems like she did start without us. Josh went red a little, after Rita´s drunk speech. “So, we´re here now, let´s get smashed, please!” Chloe added and everyone raised his glass. I laughed at their reactions and went to the bar. Chloe´s hand found mine, so she joined me.  We were already there, when Chloe stopped. I turned to her. “What?” I shouted to her left ear, due to loud music. “I heard someone shouting your name.” She spoke up worriedly. “God, Chloe, common...” I shook my head and continued in our way. I ordered beer. I don’t want to get drunk, and then forget about everything I have done. On the other hand, Chloe wants to. She´s poured already 2 vodkas to her belly.  “Slowly...” Jack suddenly appeared next to us, his hands preventing Chloe to fall. Jack is good looking, dark hair, always done in a quiff. Everyone knows he is a player when it comes to girls, but he was actually really friendly to me and Chloe the whole time we had Math together. He is smirking at Chloe, leaning against the bar. So he has a crush on Chloe tonight. Well, good for her, I assume. “Oh Jack, dance with me.” Chloe spoke up and took his hand. He grinned, apparently pleased by her reaction, and led her to dance floor. I sipped my cold beer and just observed. Too many people from school are here tonight. I am getting a little bit emotional right now, but it´s just because of the alcohol, I assume.  Suddenly I noticed this long haired, blond girl, standing next to me, leaning against the bar, two fingers raised in the air, mouthing something to bartender. I know her. Of course I know her, it´s Charlotte.  When the bartender handed her 2 glasses of beer, the one fell from her hand and beer soaked into my jacked. No! “God, I am sorry, I am so so sorry!” She started apologising  and withdrawing tissues to clean that mess. I stood up from chair and helped her. I won´t just sit there, watching her cleaning it alone. I am not that bad. She actually seems as clumsy and I am. I leaned to the floor and grabbed the leftovers from broken glass. “You didn’t have to do that. I ruined your jacket.” She pointed her thin forefinger at my jacket. I shook my head and smiled politely. “That´s alright.” One part of me is shouting at her: You blond Bitch! in my head. She is a prototype of best girlfriend. Fuck. “No, it´s not, let me make it up to you somehow.” She added and wiped the beer off my jacket. I laughed. “No, really, that´s ok. It happens to me a lot. Plus- you didn’t run away, so it counts as a good deed already.” Something in my head told me not to continue in this conversation and leave as soon as possible. “Ok, I gotta go, bye.” I quickly shouted and turned to leave when her hand found my shoulder. “I am Charlotte.” I turned at her. Biting my bottom lip I broke the silence between us. “Ruby. Now I really have to go.” I grabbed my jacket and ran. When I got deeper in crowd, my whole body was relieved. What was it? Fucking bars. They connect you with people you didn’t even want to get know.  After moment, I found rest of classmates sitting at the table in the corner. There is just Josh and Erin. They are laughing together at something.  “Can I join in?” I asked hesitantly. Josh´s eyes get widen, he grinned at me and responded. “Of course Ruby!” He moved closer to Erin, so I could sit next to him. Erin looked drunk already. Her small fingers typing to her iPhone. “You don’t want to this Erin.” Josh took the phone away from her. “But that fucker hasn´t  picked up for 3 hours.” Oh. So, Erin is definitely drunk. She has trouble with her boyfriend, I assume. Josh is totally cool and calm. “Trust me, you don’t want to this. You are a little drunk, you will regret this.” Josh caressed the top of her hair. “Ok...Look! There is Libby!” Erin suddenly stood up and went to Libby. I didn’t see her, but apparently Erin did. Josh turned to me as Libby left and smiled. “You look everything but not drunk.” I giggled and covered my eyes with palms. “Thanks.” Then I looked at him. Josh is a good friend. We didn’t really have a chance to being best friends or anything, since his relationship. It has lasted 3 years. They were together for a really long time. But they broke up this Christmas.  His girlfriend was a psycho. Literally. He didn’t have a lot of friends due to her. “Are you ok?” Josh asked me worriedly. “I guess. I think I´ll go outside...” I need a fresh air. And deal with that Charlotte thing with clear head. Josh suddenly stood up. “I´ll go with you.” He took his denim jacket, with leather sleeves and went after me.

I am standing outside with Josh next to me. My jacket smells like beer. Oh fuck. I didn’t have to be so nice to her. Damn! “Do you have a cigarette?” I asked Josh, since I know he is a smoker. He smiled at me and withdrew a white box. I took one and asked him for a lighter. “I didn’t know you smoke.” Josh added and dipped his hands deeper to his jacket pockets. “From time to time.” I replied and took a deep breath. “Have you ever fallen for a girl with a boyfriend?” These words suddenly left my mouth. I am curious though. He seemed taken aback. But then he grinned. “I don’t think so. Have you?” “Maybe.” I replied and coughed.  “Are you in love with him?” Josh asked me, his voice full of tenderness. “ I don’t know.” “Ruby, do you even know something?” He laughed and shook his head. “Well no, not much.” He giggled again. My head started spinning around. Oh, I can feel these beers already. “You are cute.” He whispered and looked at the ground. I can see he isn’t that drunk for sentences like this.  “Hey Josh, guess what, I am not.” I added and lost a balance. His arms grabbed me, I suddenly couldn’t make a single move. It was nice being like this. His messy blond hair was sticking up from his snapback. He is cute. Not me.  “Be careful where you step.” He whispered quietly. I didn’t hesitate. I laid my head on his shoulder and hugged him tighter. “I am tired.” I added and breathed his scent in. “I´ll take you home.” I nodded and closed my eyes. I felt him pulling me away a little. I took his hand, we headed back inside.  I feel awful and tired at the same time, when someone shouts my name and I am suddenly fully awake. “RUBY!!” Oh god, that´s Charlotte. She is not alone. “Ruby- Harry, Harry- Ruby, this is her. I told you I know her name, love.” My eyes found Harry  and I felt so embarrassed like never before. “We know each other.” I added and smiled politely. Then I realised, Josh was still holding my hand. “You didn’t introduce your boyfriend...” She giggled and hugged Harry even tighter. Ok. She is a bitch. “This is Josh, and he´s not my boyfriend.” I added , ready to leave now. Harry was silent the whole time. “Hi, man.” Harry nodded politely and Josh did too. “You know Harry, when Ruby broke that glasses I couldn’t just stare at her...” wait. What did she just say? I broke glasses? My eyes were widened, observing her lying right to my face. “I did break the glasses?” I asked her, my tone was still polite. “Oh, Ruby, you are so drunk. You smell like beer. Haha. Josh, take her home or something.” She literally has no shame.  “Are you ok, Ruby?” Harry whispered in his most caring voice I have ever heard. I shook my head. “Yeah, of course.” I lied and looked at Josh. He was well, confused. “Can we go, please?” He smiled at me kindly. “Yes, let´s go.” He added and caressed my cheek. I closed my eyes after his reassuring touch. Harry just stood there awkwardly holding Charlotte´s hand. “Bye Ruby! And Josh.” That bitch waved at us and pulled Harry even tighter. I didn’t wave back. I have no strength. But Harry. Oh Harry. I don’t want to leave like this. This disgusted by his girlfriend. But I have no choice. When we were quiet far away from them, Josh spoke up. “So, now I know that your question before was pretty accurate.” I exhaled and laughed. I am so glad I am going home, away from this mess. With Josh. 

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