Girl named Ruby is being overwhelmed with final exams. The only thing which could possibly ruin her life even more is to fall in love with already taken curly boy. Poor girl.


7. So many things at once.

“Hey, Ruby?” Josh asked me while we were standing outside my house. He went to see me off. And I was glad he did, since my brain wasn’t thinking clearly and I could have easily ended up in some unknown car. “Yep?” I replied, while looking for keys in my purse. I didn’t see him but I was sure he was having his serious look. “That girl, outside the club, you are better than her.” When he finished the last word, I gazed at him. What did mean? After moment of total silence, Josh spoke up again. “I am sure that he was the guy you were talking about earlier. And I just want to make sure you see how stupid he is, when he chose her.” My eyes were meeting his ocean blue. I was speechless. “Good night Ruby.” Josh added and turned to walk away. “Wait!” I gasped and my hand reached his jacket. What am I doing? “You have been good to me the whole night, Josh. Thank you. For everything. I know I probably won´t remember most of this pretty fucked up night, but I wont forget about this.” And in that moment, my lips glued to his. It was a short kiss though. My not-so-drunk me knew I couldn’t have overdone it. Josh´s eyes were widened, never leaving mine. He was smiling though. It was a good sign I didn’t embarrass myself totally. “Good night Josh.” I quickly murmured and run inside.

Curtains are revealing sunlight so I woke up immediately. I am kind of sensitive about it. I think I know why. Last night was...interesting. I know I drank, I am sure I drank a lot. Next memories are kind of blurry, but I think I saw Harry yesterday. And his mistress. God ,Ruby, go away with that courtesy. He was there with that bitch Charlotte.  Now I am staring to remember. She lied in front of Josh and Harry that I spilled a beer and wet my own jacket. Now I am glad I didn’t burst in anger back then. I hope Harry will realise the truth. Who am I kidding? He won´t. He is totally enchanted by that blond witch. Let things be is probably the best option. Oh. Hey. I also remember Josh. He was so sweet to me. I need to stop smiling like an idiot and go to shower.

“Good morning, sweetheart.” Mum said after I sat next to little Arthur by the table. I can´t see food at least for a week. My stomach is totally twisted. Oh God. When I woke up, I didn’t feel like this. “Rough night?” Dad asked me and giggled hiding behind newspapers.  I didn’t have a chance to reply since Aiden replied instead of me. “No, rough morning.” I turned to him and made a face. What a jerk. He is getting wasted every night possible and he is making fun of me. “What sis, you just need training. No big deal.” Aiden added and sipped a juice. “Aiden, stop.” Mum intervened and wiped rest of jam of Arthur´s mouth. “Did you and Chloe have a good time?” Dad asked me again. This question was bearable, compared to the first one. God, Chloe. I totally forgot about her. I need to call her. “Yes, we did. Other classmates were there too so we all enjoyed it.” I replied politely and smiled.  Dad smiled back and continued in reading. “Honey, go change, we are going shopping.” Mum spoke up and looked at her watch. “What? Why me? Can Aiden go instead of me?” I replied, hoping she will ask Aiden instead. “No, Aiden will help dad outside. Quick! Go put something on!” Oh God. I turned my eyes and loudly stood up. Chair did the noise I wanted it to make. My dramatic leaving.  I am really pissed off, Aiden can´t go instead of me. Like really? Now? When I look like a total crap? I mean it. It´s not like in movies, when a girl after busy night goes somewhere and just take a hat and glasses and some baggy jacket and looks incredible.  I literally look like crap. And there´s nothing that could somehow cover it.

Mum is somewhere nearby dairy products, while I am riding on trolley and enjoying a long aisle between sweets and fruit. Now I am getting a little annoyed since mum is not coming. I bet, she is choosing between skimmed and semi- skimmed milk. Angrily, I decide to go for her and showed her politely we are at this store for an hour. But then I see her talking to some lady. I went closer to them when I see my mum´s waving hand. Oh God. “Hello.” I say politely, observing that dark haired lady. I guess she is something around 40, but she is still beautiful. Her wrinkles around her eyes are more visible when she smiles at me. “Hi! You must be Ruby.” Her voice is full of kindness, but I can hear a playfulness there. She is really adorable. “Where´s your boy, Annie?” Mum leans against my trolley, never stop grinning. Her boy? Her name is Annie? Is this...”Harry? He must be somewhere...” She has started turning around, looking for someone. And there he is. Harry, in his beauty and sexiness, standing behind his mum. “Good morning!” He spoke up happily and my mum goes red. She likes him a lot. So, I have never imagined about this. My mum and I, talking to Harry and his mum. When did this happen? “Where have you been? Have you found that baking powder?” Annie asked smiling Harry. “Yep, I took 3. Just in case.” Harry replied and giggled. Why is he still laughing?” Is this so funny? For me, hell no. “Good, sweetheart, this is Ruby´s mother, Ella. And Ruby, I am sure you two know each other.” She pointed at me and giggled. God, what´s everyone with giggling today? “Mum...” I spoke up, to tell her we are standing next to frozen yoghurts for 20 minutes. However she cut me off. “Shh, honey. Annie? I need to ask you something...” My mum winked at me and went with Annie aside. Cool. So now, it´s just me and this, curly monster. “Ruby, about last night...” Harry spoke up and I immediately cut him off. “I am sorry I wasn’t, well, myself. I drank too much...” “No, that´s not what I´ve wanted to discuss with you. You were great yesterday.” What? “I am not following...” I replied confused.  “I am sorry for Charlotte.” Oh no. Her again. “Ok. Again Harry, I don’t get you.” “I know she lied to me.” His green eyes were meeting mine. I was shocked. How? He knew it? Why is he so fucking perfect right now? 


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