Girl named Ruby is being overwhelmed with final exams. The only thing which could possibly ruin her life even more is to fall in love with already taken curly boy. Poor girl.


8. Resolution.

“I was watching you two when it happened. I shouted your name at first but then I noticed Charlotte already standing next to you.” When he finished the last word I realised I didn’t have anything to say. He apparently noticed that. “Say something.” God! I want to scream and punch him but we are standing in the middle of supermarket and I don’t want to make any scene. “So you basically let her embarrassing me when we were standing outside.” I finally spoke up, my hands crossed by my chest. Harry frowned. He apparently didn’t expect my reaction. “No. Ruby, I didn’t want to. It´s all messed up. I told her everything when you left. With Josh.” Then we both noticed our mums walking straight towards us so our conversation was over. “I hope you both had a good laugh when we left.” I added and smiled wickedly. Ok. Maybe I am too harsh but seriously. I feel totally dumb right now. “Shit. No, Ruby. I ended it with her. “And when he spoke the last word my mum´s hand rested on my shoulder. “Alright Anne, I will definitely call you.” I closed my eyes after mum´s touch. This isn’t really appropriate moment mum! Did Harry seriously say to me right now he broke up with Charlotte? “Definitely. See you soon! And bye Ruby!” Anne waved at me and grabbed Harry by his shoulder. He turned his eyes and reluctantly waved at us too. “Good bye Mrs. James, Ruby...” He added and followed his mum. So it´s just me and my mum now. I briefly looked at Harry walking away from us. He is wearing checked shirt and the white one under it. I am observing his clumsy and awkward walk and my heart melts. I´ve just had my first fight with him. And I didn’t even mean to be so mean to him, it just came up, my all bottled up feelings. Fuck. “Did you two have some serious talk?” Mum asked me worriedly. “Nope.” I briefly added and pushed our already full trolley forward. “Harry looked serious though.” She added and kept walking. “I don’t want to discuss it right now. Especially not with you.” “Ok. Forget I asked you. But be nice to him, Ruby.” My mum added and I took a deep breath. Mum, you have no idea how nice I want to be to him. I stayed silent. “I think we need some milk. Did dad say we need some milk? Ruby?” And our conversation went back to normal.

Ok. Since it´s Saturday I have some time just for myself after lunch. Of course I had to do the dishes since my brother is totally unable to help me. I am finally in my room, lying on my bed, watching the ceiling and thinking. I´ll call him. I´ll call Harry and tell him I was too harsh on him. And I wanted to forgive him in the minute he confessed. My eyes immediately fell on my phone. I was prepared to call him when I got a text message.

From: Josh Corby

Hii. I hope you slept well since last night was pretty rough. I also hope you would have time for a walk with me. Please. 5 pm, in the park. Be there.

No! I have totally forgotten about Josh. And that kiss. Fuck. What now? I want to go out with him. Fresh air would only make up my messed up mind. But, the most important thing is, that I don’t want anything beyond friendship with him. There is no choice between him and Harry. Because the answer to all questions is Harry.

“I am glad you came.” Josh smiled at me and I smiled back. “I am glad you dragged me out. I needed this.” I added and continued in walk through the whole park. It´s a chilly day so I am wearing beanie and long black coat. My hands in pockets are turning into fists. I have no idea what´s going to happen next. “I am sorry about last night Josh. My reactions were influenced by loads of alcohol. And I want to apologise for that.” When I finished Josh stopped walking. “You mean that kiss...” I stopped by him, watching his smile turning into frown. “Yeah, that kiss and all other things.” Josh eyes never leaving mine. “What other things?” Oh. “That situation outside the club. With Harry and his...” Josh cut me off. “Yeah I remember, Ruby. I just wanted you to say it out loud.” “I am not following...” I added confused. “You didn’t realise that the second you pronounced his name, all your features changed. They soften. “I went silent. I have no idea what to reply. “He had better get you. You are special. He should see that.” Josh smiled at me. The tenderness and peace in his voice calmed me down. He is the most understanding boy I have ever met. “You are so good to me. I don’t think I have ever earned that.” He giggled. “Don´t underestimate yourself. That´s your biggest flaw.”You don’t have to be so wise then.” I added and heard Josh laughing. This is nice. “Ok. Good point well made, Ruby. I am hungry, wanna go grab some kebab?” Josh´s blue eyes glued to mine observing me. “Oh yes!” I replied and we both laughed.

Josh and I were walking down the street, eating our kebabs and discussing universities, when I suddenly realise we have just passed by the bakery. And someone was definitely there since the lighting was on. “Josh? Would you mind if we said goodbye here?” I asked him biting my bottom lip. I have no idea what I am going to do right now. “Of course not. I had an amazing time tonight. We should go out like this more often Rub.” He added and took a bit of kebab. “Definitely. Ok. So. Good night.” I smiled at him and he smiled back. “Byee!” Then he continued walking. I turned back, walking to the different way than Josh. My steps were heading to the bakery. I wasn’t sure if Harry was there but it did worth for a try. When I stepped in I noticed Harry doing something, his back turned to me so he didn’t see me. “Good evening, what can I get you...” He spoke up and then stopped when he noticed me. “I am sorry. For today. I overdid it. That´s not your fault she made fun of me in front of you and Josh. I take it. The thing is that´s not what bothers me the most right now. You are my friend. You broke up with someone. How do you feel?” As I finished I noticed his relieved look. He exhaled heavily and smiled at me. Here we go. This smile makes me week like nothing else. “According to your grin I assume you take that break up good. And that´s good. Cause I didn’t like her at the first place. “Really?” Harry added and shook his head. “Really.” I replied and sat on the nearest chair. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Harry asked me and went sit next to me. There was no one else so he could skip the work. “It wouldn’t have made any difference.” I added. “Oh, it definitely would.” He whispered it and my heart started to race. This tone of his voice is too seducing. He should know that! “I want to try something.” Harry added and my eyes got widen. I nodded and waited for him to reply. “Don´t be scared.” He smiled at me and took my left hand. Oh. Shit. The warmth coming from his hand is too much to handle. I have never felt this shivering in my stomach before. I am just watching out intertwined hands on the table. Is this really happening? His hand suddenly loosed mine. Hey. What´s going on? Why did he stop? And suddenly I got the answer to my unspoken question. His index finger started tracing my forearm to my shoulder. He is doing it slowly, his eyes watching what his touch do to me. I have goose bumps and I am not good at hiding it. “You´re cold?” He suddenly asked me, still totally pensive. “No.” I murmured. “Good.” He added and his index finger continued tickling my neck. His thumb is now caressing my jaw line. I immediately closed my eyes after his touch. “I´ve wanted to do this since you showed up in the bakery for the first time.” Now I am smiling like an idiot. He noticed how I ruined the moment. “What´s so funny?” “You. This. Me. Not so much.” I responded and giggled again. “Ok. Did you take any of these things here seriously?” Now he´s like caring parent. “Yes. Maybe too seriously. Harry, don’t do things you will regret the next day.” Harry frowned. “I´ve regretted so many things lately and this is not going to be the one of them, Ruby.”  

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